POWER FROM HELL release “Shadows Devouring Light”


While earlier POWER FROM HELL releases highlighted a merciless combination of Black, Thrash and Heavy Metal, “Shadows Devouring Light” sees the Brazilian band return to the gloomy and eerie roots of the early 90s Black Metal. The ten sinister hymns evoke macabre and pervert soundscapes, aptly underlined by a blasphemous lyrical and visual concept.

Shadows Devouring Light” is officially released via Debemur Morti Productions today and can be listened to in full via Bandcamp or on our YouTube channel:

Composer Sodomic comments on the album release:

This new album means everything to us as a band. For the artist a new album is always the most important moment – with each work a new path is paved towards darkness, knowledge as well as musical and personal development.

It is a great feeling of ecstasy when we hold the physical manifestation of our work in our hands, especially the vinyl. You can hear music everywhere and in many forms nowadays. But for me, nothing will ever replace the mystical ritual to put on an LP, start to spin it and hold the booklet in my hands to read the lyrics like a book. That moment is magical!

The band has already started to make plans for the future, as Sodomic notes:

I can’t promise great things just to try to impress the public. But I can assure everyone that we will continue to work one step at a time to bring our music to more and more people around the world while maintaining our integrity. And I’ll give my word that our music will never stray from the depths of the darkness of the abyss. This year we will maybe have a music video for one of the songs on the album ready. Furthermore, we have some shows in the US and South America scheduled, and the big plan is to start getting into contact and talking to people in order to organize the next European tour in 2023. We want to promote our new album there!

Shadows Devouring Light” is available via Debemur Morti Productions on CD & vinyl (including exclusive DMP editions) as well as digitally, accompanied by high-quality merch as t-shirt (men/women) and a zip hoodie. Orders are possible via the label’s EUUS (no merchandising) and Bandcamp shops.


POWER FROM HELL from São Paulo, Brazil were formed 2001 by main-songwriter Sodomic (ANARKHON) as a raw and primitive studio-only vehicle for early-BATHORY worship, flourishing for 10 years without live activity and releasing a series of cult underground records: “The True Metal” (2004), “Sadismo” (2007) and “Spellbondage” (2009).

In 2010 the band began to draw worldwide attention when Fenriz from DARKTHRONE revealed himself to be a big fan, regularly wearing a shirt of “The True Metal” and highlighting the band in a succession of interviews and articles. POWER FROM HELL capitalised on the subsequent buzz, growing immeasurably over a well-received sequence of EPs, splits and full-lengths including “Devil’s Whorehouse” (2015, Hells Headbangers) and “Profound Evil Presence” (2019, High Roller).

After 20 years, with the band now an established touring entity, the raw Black/Thrash sound of yesteryear gave way to a darker, more complete path within Black Metal, leading to a newly-formed alliance with Debemur Morti Productions. The band’s next album will be released on September 30th, 2022 and promises to scour the depths of the abyss to bring forth what is most disgusting, profane and terrifying to human experience.

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