Dutch Black Metal triumvirate ASGRAUW stream their fifth full-length ‘FAÇADE’ at the undergound YouTube-channel of ONLY BLACK METAL!!


At present, DEATH PRAYER RECORDS is thrilled to announce the fifth full-length album ‘FAÇADE’ by the Dutch black metal triumvirate ASGRAUW.

A release date is set for October 7th, 2022 and shall come in the following formats:

 Click on the link below to listen to the full album premiere of FAÇADE at the underground YouTube-channel of ONLY BLACK METAL



Release date: October 7, 2022
Genre: Black Metal
Formats: CD / DIGITAL / MC / LP 

For fans of: (early) Dimmu Borgir, (early) Satyricon, Emperor and Darkthrone   

‘FAÇADE’ explores the area between life and death. The unknown and inexplicable, sometimes things are not what they seem. From suspended animation caused by disease to the despair of being buried alive. The struggle between wishing and fearing death. From losing your individuality to sacrificing your soul. All themes that balance on the thin line between the two worlds. Is there any difference at all? Or do we attach too much value to our corpus?


The hard working black metal band Asgrauw was founded in 2010. On their first album ‘Schijngestalten‘ (2014), they displayed straight-forward traditional black metal, or the so-called Scandinavian hordes from the golden age of black metal. Since their second album ‘Krater’ (2016), the Dutch band began to lean more onto an atmospheric and sentimental vibe, while the punk attitude has never disappeared from their sound.  

Asgrauw relies on a dark and bleak atmosphere with piercing guitars and haunting synths, that are strengthened with powerful and energetic punky riffs and heavy drums. Theuse of two vocalists, gives it a lot of variety on the vocal department.

Their third album ‘Gronspech’ (2018) was performed in the local dialect of Groesbeek, The Netherlands, while the 2020 album ‘IJsval’ was filled with apocalyptic scenes. Now, a few years later, the question is whether this was fictional or truth?

The new album ‘Façade’ is the fifth album that they recorded in more than a decade. Due to the pandemic, the band took their time to record the best full-length possible. Frustration has been turned into an album that sounds faster, dirtier and more furious than previous albums. But the melancholic signature sound is present without negating the aggression.

Asgrauw is part of the “Zwotte Kring” circle and has members that are active in MeslamtaeaSagenland and Schavot.


1. Versplinterd hout (4:27) *first single 
2. Geketend (5:00)
3. Zielloos (3:48)
4. Offerande (5:33)
5. Tussen willen en kunnen (4:10) *second single 
6. Hernemen (4:22)
7. As van de doden (5:18)
8. Levenswaan (5:08)

Total time: (37:46)


Vaal – guitars & vocals
Batr – drums, synths & additional bass
Kaos – bass, vocals & spoken words

All songs and lyrics composed and written by Asgrauw 

Recorded & mixed by Batr in 2021
Mastered by Jory Hogeveen at Pitch Note Productions, November 2021

Artwork by Luciana Nedelea
Insert art by Jeroen Putman
Photography by Batr
Lay-out by Death Prayer Records

Logo by Kaos

Asgrauw linktree

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