AARA release “Phthonos”


Shortly before the release of the third part of the Melmoth trilogy, AARA unexpectedly unveil two unorthodox and extraordinaire tracks of melodic Black Metal. The post-Black Metal vibe as well as the calmer, almost Shoegazing moments and the distinct production grant the songs a melancholic and ethereal mood. “Phthonos“, thus, evokes a spectacular play between light and darkness.

The digital 2-track-EP is officially released via Debemur Morti Productions and can be listened to in full on the label’s YouTube channel and via Bandcamp.

The Swiss band worked together with an external sound engineer for the first time, namely well-known German producer Markus Stock (EMPYRIUMALCEST). Accordingly, “Phthonos” represents a musical experiment and a new approach to AARA‘s Art. Composer and guitarist Berg narrates:

It was an interesting experience to attempt at creating music outside of the Triade series. We were mainly interested in finding out how AARA‘s sound would work with a different production, and I think it would definitely be an option. If we will work further with that kind of sound remains to be seen. Compositionally, however, we are certainly going in a different direction than what you can hear on “Phthonos” after the completion of the Melmoth series. The whole next concept album is already written, and it is quite different to the Triade albums, the “Phthonos” EP as well as the two previous long players. But maybe we will stick to that ‘more organic’ sound. We will see!

Phthonos” is available digitally via the label’s Bandcamp shop.


Switzerland’s AARA was founded in 2018 by vocalist Fluss and multi-instrumentalist Berg to create art highly influenced by atmospheric Black Metal. Sporting an epic, classical feel, their sweeping compositions aim to take the listener through the darkest alleys of human existence.

Soon after releasing their debut record “So fallen alle Tempel” in early 2019, AARA joined forces with Debemur Morti Productions, releasing their mosaic EP “Anthropozän” that same year.

Barely a year after their debut, AARA unveiled a new full-length record in April of 2020. A conceptual look into Europe’s Age of Enlightenment, “En Ergô Einai” sees AARA take their accomplished sound to new heights of mature artistic expression. Opened with a haunting acoustic intro courtesy of Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD), “En Ergô Einai” is a triumph of fluid melodic euphoria and classical elegance, setting an even higher watermark in a bright, young discography. The third album and beginning of a trilogy, namely “Triade I: Eos“, was released in March 2021. In this epic and dramatic new work of art, AARA are interpreting the Gothic novel “Melmoth The Wanderer” (1820) of Irish writer Charles Robert Maturin.

Venturing forth into the next chapters of Maturin‘s work, AARA crafted the second part of their trilogy, “Triade II: Hemera“. The six tracks of brutally melodic, top-tier Black Metal will be released on May 13th, 2022. Recordings for the third and final album of the Melmoth trilogy have already begun.

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