LICHT DES URTEILS set release date for PURITY THROUGH FIRE debut, reveal first track


Today, Purity ThroughFire announces November 4th as the international release date for Licht des Urteils‘ highly anticipated debut album, Uhraamo, on CD format. The vinyl LP version will follow next year.

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Licht des Urteils emerged in 2019 with their first demo, later released on tape by Worship Tapes. Since then, the band have taken to the stage and sharpened their attack, which is simultaneously idiomatic and defiant of traditional Finnish black metal. A reconfigured lineup finalized itself in 2020, with the resultant full-length Uhraamo being the first recorded document of this lineup.

Ghastly and gutted, Uhraamo is pure filth shotgunned into the stratosphere. Heaving and hammering is Licht des Urteils‘ surge here, with savage low-end anchoring riffing that ably splits the difference between rusty chainsaw and cursed nightsky. Indeed, it’s that very real sense of physicality – as in a real band, playing together as one, rather than pieces cut & pasted with a computer – that ever-present DANGER, which renders Uhraamo such a compelling listen. It’s pure & proud BLACK METAL, to be sure, but the songwriting’s nothing short of electrifying and the production’s powerful and punishing: simple pleasures, but sublime ones. And the hysteria only intensifies as the album plays on…

Finnish black metal is surely in no short supply, but only the nastiest banners are united under Purity ThroughFire. For those who dig among the dungeons for the late/great likes of Impious Havoc, Vitsaus, Catenatum Lucem, and the short-lived Syöpä, then Licht des Urteils‘ Uhraamo is mandatory listening.

Begin mandatory listening with the brand-new track “Color Out of Space” HERE at Purity Through Fire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Licht des Urteils’ Uhraamo
1. Intro – Litanies of Bacchus Pt. I
2. Uhraamo
3. Color Out of Space
4. Kuollut
5. Interlude – Litanies of Bacchus Pt. II
6. Baptised in Unholy Waters
7. World Eater
8. Pagan Altars
9. Ritual of Six


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