ADAGA stream ALTARE debut at Transmissions From the Dark


Today, black metal enigmas Adaga stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Das Ruínas do Ser, at the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel. Set for international release on October 14th via Altare Productions on vinyl LP format, hear Adaga‘s Das Ruínas do Ser in its entirety exclusively HERE.

A shadowy entity to say the very least, Adaga‘s Spartan sound is suitably sympatico. The individual behind this band may or may not hail from various stratifying underground cults, and his location is irrelevant but perhaps detectable. Mysteries abound, but none more so compellingly than listening to Adaga‘s spellbinding music across Das Ruínas do Ser.

Adaga‘s first public recording, the full-length Das Ruínas do Ser reimagines black metal in its most skeletal form: stripped of distortion, free of effects, barebones by choice and not necessity. Forlorn and forgotten, the path this entity wanders upon is a desolate one suffused with a paradoxically beautiful melancholy. The undistorted strings ring with a haunting clarity that penetrates the soul in a most penultimate manner; the hackle-raising howls from the abyss reorient the listener that, despite whatever surface (DARK) “beauty” there may be here, it’s all resonating from a radiant pool of blackest metal. As such, that path takes many turns – some barely moving, others violently unrestrained, all plaintive and poignant and undeniably human, even uncomfortably so – and Adaga guides the listener across tense terrain that altogether fires the imagination by leaving nearly everything up to it. How frightening is NOT KNOWING? The six-song/31-minute Das Ruínas do Ser offers some answers, but the work is left entirely to the intrepid.

For sure, Adaga may entice those intrepid listeners into making parallels to music well outside the mien of black metal, and they would not be totally wrong. But to reiterate the should-be obvious, Das Ruínas do Ser is firmly within the language of BLACK METAL, only that its dialect is a boldly unique & challenging one. Who dares speak this taboo tongue?

In the leadup to its international release this Friday, hear Das Ruínas do Ser in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Adaga’s Das Ruínas do Ser
1. Noite Soberana
2. No Limiar da Morte
3. De Passagem
4. Nas Ruínas do Ser – Pt I
5. Nas Ruínas do Ser – Pt II
6. Fragmentação da Alma

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