IMPUGNER – Norwegian Death Metal Cult To Issue Debut EP – Track Premiered At No Clean Singing


We’re proud to announce that Norwegian death metal cult Impugner (featuring members of DiskordDeathhammerBrainshockDesolation Realm and Lobotomized) will reissue their debut mini-album “Advent of the Wretched” worldwide November 4 2022 on CD via Sentient Ruin and on cassette tape via Caligari Records, after a limited self release tape had surfaced in Norway via the band back in 2021.

Remastered and repackaged with new artwork, the work has been presented by No Clean Signing via an exclusive stream of the opening track “Ostracized Vitality”, with the famed metal blog elaborating that the bands music is “crawling in misery and oozing with pestilence and decay” – you can check out their feature HERE.

“Advent of the Wretched” brings us back to the early and formative years of death metal when bands like AutopsyDeathPungent StenchNihilist, and Darkthrone in their “Soulside Journey” era were issuing their first works and laying the groundwork for what would become the perfect symbiosis between the gruesome morbidity and the executional excellence which has made death metal so loved and revered thereafter throughout the decades. In the same manner, and with a strong emphasis on traditionalism and timelessness, on this already iconic debut offering Impugner unfold a masterful slab of arcane-sounding death metal untouched by evolution and oozing with schizoid atmospheres, a putrid production quality and a demented prog-derived songwriting highly reminiscent of Morbus ChronObliteration, or of the aforementioned founding masters. The choice of using art for the work licensed from the Edvard Munch estate in Norway is just another sign of this band’s insanely tasteful vision and of its deliberate approach in crafting the death metal art in a way which favors a sense of timelessness, unpredictability and a strict adherence to its primordial strengths and vision of it being, and forever remaining, a timeless art of the absurd.

“Advent of the Wretched” is slated to be released worldwide November 4 2022 on CD/digital via Sentient Ruin and on cassette tape/digital via Caligari Records

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