Ride The “Burning Horizon” with MINDAHEAD’s Next Single Off Upcoming Album Out Oct 2022

New Album “6119 – Part I” Out October 2022

Look up to the sky to see the “Burning Horizon”, the next music video for the third single from Italian progressive avant-garde metal MindAheaD in support of their sophomore story album “6119 Part 1” being released via Rockshots Records on October 28th.

The band adds about the track:

“‘Burning Horizon’ is direct and catchy both melodically and structurally; it focuses on the voices that intersect and duet, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes aggressively opposing each other. The instrumental part is articulate, but always keeping an eye on melody and easy assimilation. The orchestrations also play an important role, providing a backdrop to the burned horizon that will turn into a desert very soon.”

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MindAhead‘s next full-length offering “6119 Part 1” follows their 2017 debut “Reflections” released on Roman label Revalve Records. Just like its predecessor, the band’s new offering is once again a concept album with a complex, personal and unusual sound to test the limits of their songwriting. “6119 Part 1” is a continuation of the previous work on “Reflections”, which will tell us the story of 6119, the main character, through a surreal, oneiric journey, always poised between physical space and the realm of the mind. Trapped in this dreamlike kaleidoscope, he proceeds heedless of the consequences, hoping to find at the end of the journey (the “Part II,” currently in production) the reason why all this is happening to him.

Merging different aspects, sometimes opposite, of human feeling, bringing them together in a colorful and personal musical proposal, which has its roots in influences ranging from prog 70s to death metal, the band explains the new album in further detail:

“This album is a concept realized with the aim of telling a story that straddles the line between dystopian science fiction and the psychological investigation of the human mind, so the music and lyrics were created in order to reach these goals. We would like the listening experience to be completely immersive. We would like the listener to be able to take a break from the real world and step into another dimension, one that is distant but at the same time well known, not alien, but almost familiar. The listener should passionately follow the events of ‘6119’ in its inner and outer search for reality, in a story that began in the previous album ‘Reflections’ and will end in the band’s next release, so as to complete a narrative trilogy.”

Having shared the stage with bands such as Jinjer, Vision Divine, Deathless Legacy, Domine, Pino Scotto, MindAhead is recommended for fans of Opeth, Ayreon, Haken, Katatonia and Pink Floyd. “6119 Part 1” is due out October 28th, 2022 via Rockshots Records.

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First single – “What You Are” –​

Second single – Music Video – “Last Tide” –

Track Listing:
1. Prologue – 2:00
2. Burning Horizon – 5:24
3. Dancing In The Desert – 17:06
4. What You Are – 6:38
5. The Last Tide – 4:40
6. Beautiful Mistake -6:29
7. Innocence – 2:36
8. At The Gates Of Night Part I (The Old Poet) & II (At The Gates) – 9:05
9. At The Gates Of Night Part III (Lost In The Loop) – 3:12
Album Length: 57:14

“MindAhead are a band of innovation in metal. They are on the vanguard of where avant garde and progressive metal is going into the future. I believe Reflections is opening up another door of true ideas and standards for this kind of experimental metal. They continue Italy’s rich under rated progressive rock and metal tradition. They have a very distinctive and unique sound that will stand out among the current metal landscape. MindAhead’s Reflections is one of the absolute strongest debut albums over the last 25 years. I am giving MindAhead’s Reflections a perfect 5/5.” – Power of Prog

“The music captured different moods very well that it was almost like an emotional roller coaster listening to this album. Kyo Calati and Frank Novelli did an awesome job singing together. With his ferocious, strength-y growls and screams and her beautiful, serene, innocent voice; they complimented each other like peanut butter and jelly. Great vocalists, great playing and great music! I recommend giving it a listen.” – Metal Temple

“MINDAHEAD have done a lot right on their debut album. Reflections is exciting and entertaining, brings – with the exception of the quiet Farewell – power and surprises with its modern and progressive expressions. An unexpectedly strong debut.” – Vamspter

“Between long suites (Amigdala and Three Sides Of A Dangerous Mind) and more immediate pieces, as in the case of On The Dead Snow and Emerald Eyes, the sextet demonstrates an uncommon determination, and the proven ability to confront a modern and evolved conception of metal. A knockout blow that deserves to be properly exploited, by a band with great potential.” – Rock Hard Italy (2017)

“Among MindAheaD’s many musical influences are the 70’s, progressive rock and death metal. The nature of this band is multifaceted and the band’s name itself is a word that blends thought (mind) and body (head).” – System Failure Webzine

“MINDAHEAD have all the ingredients to become a safe bet, with their own personality and a full-length that, being their debut, could be preparing us for a spiritual successor of OPETH.” – Necromance Magazine

“If you like your progressive but don’t mind a few aggressive vocals in the mix, not that they really dominate, then this is highly recommended. The female vocal is excellent and the countering of the two works perfectly.” – The Rocktologist

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Look To The Sky To See The “Burning Horizon” – MINDAHEAD Present Music Video For Next Single Off Upcoming Album Out Oct 2022


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