MACERATION release new video and digital single “Lost In Depravity”

Photo by Carsten Horsted

Featuring death metal legend Dan Swanö on vocals (formerly Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity, etc.) and members from the legendary Danish death metal bands Invocator and Illdisposed, “Lost In Depravity”, the new MACERATION song, is ready to take the metal world by storm with its catchy chorus, hard-hitting brutal riffing and the old school aggressive production with influences from the early and pivotal Swedish death metal sound of bands such as Entombed, Dismember, Grave and Unleashed. Also produced and mixed by Dan Swanö.

“Lost In Depravity” is out now as a digital single and official video. The video premiered earlier this week exclusively at No Clean Singing.

MACERATION – Lost In Depravity (official video)

It’s official. Maceration hiatus is over and the Danish death metal band will release their new album ”It Never Ends…” November 25th featuring death metal legend Dan Swanö – Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath etc. – as a vocalist. This happens 30 years after the release of their debut and only studio album this far. The Danish band played a pivotal role in the local death metal scene, being among the pioneers of the style in Denmark. Their “A Serenade Of Agony” album, also with Dan Swanö on vocals and members of pioneers Invocator, paved the way for a whole generation of Danish death metal bands to follow. 

This year, in the frenzy of the “A Serenade Of Agony” re-release, the live album “Live Disfigurements” (recovering long, historical concerts recordings) and the book “Incombustible Remains” (telling the story of the band’s first concert, opening for DarkThrone), Maceration reformed and are back in business. The band already played important festivals in Denmark such as Metal Magic and Death Coast. And still got time to write and record a new album. In this album, to be released this fall via Emanzipation, to which Maceration just signed a record deal, Dan Swanö (ex-Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath) is back as a session lead vocalist, just as on the debut album, and also as the producer. The album is mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö in his own Unisound studio, where he also recorded the vocals. 

The cover artwork for “It Never Ends…” was done by the Swedish artist Ola Larsson, also known for his work for bands like Sulphur Aeon, Temple Of Void and Disma. His creation for Maceration’s new album sums of the atmosphere of diabolical forces from the underworlds beyond in a very unique and intense way, combining the grotesque with the darkest corners of your mind.

The live Maceration lineup is comprised of original Maceration members, lead guitarist Jakob Schultz (ex-Invocator) and rhythm guitarist Lars Bangsholt. The new line-up features also bass player Robert Tengs, drummer Rasmus Schmidt (Illdisposed, ex- Myrkur) and singer Jan Bergmann Jepsen (ex-Cor Vacante), who also sings on the album, on the title track and on the song “Tender Twigs Of Innocence”, together with Swanö. 

“It Never Ends” will be released on digital, CD and LP (black and white vinyls, each limited to 300 units) via Emanzipation Productions on November 25th, 2022.

“It Never Ends…” tracklist:
1. Lost In Depravity
2. Epiphany Of The Past
3. Arcane Secrets
4. It Never Ends…
5. Engulfed In Agony
6. A Sacrifice Of Pity
7. On The Edge Of Nothing
8. Tender Twigs Of Innocence
9. Monolith Of The Cursed

Recording lineup:
Dan Swanö – vocals
Jakob Schultz – lead/rhythm guitar 
Lars Bangsholt – rhythm guitar 
Robert Tengs – bass
Rasmus Schmidt – drums 

Digital single:



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