Tech-Death Metal band TRIAGONE releases new single “AD MORTEM SEM PAPYRVS”!

[Artwork by José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal]

Announce the release of debut EP “Sem Papyrvs”

Belgian Tech-Death Metal band TRIAGONE releases another track AD MORTEM SEM PAPYRVS taken off of their debut EP “Sem Papyrvs”, which Is going to be released on February 24th, 2023!

Vocalist Lorena Moraes comments: “’AD MORTEM SEM PAPYRVS’ is the second single from Triagone that comes with our first music video. It’s a brutal, fast, and straightforward song, without solos and with a lot of beatdowns, gutturals, and screams! The paper symbolizes power and identity in an unequal, chaotic, pyramidal society. An immigrant without visa permits. Being born poor and denied basic needs and dreams.”

Check out the official music video for AD MORTEM SEM PAPYRVS here:

TRIAGONE – Ad Mortem Sem Papyrvs (Official Video)

TRIAGONE’s debut EP “Sem Papyrvs” will be available as CD and digital album.

You can pre-order the EP here:


1. Novvs Ordo Seclorvm

2. Abyssvs Abyssvm Invocat

3. Ad Mortem Sem Papyrvs

4. Nvlla Regvla Sine Exceptione

5. De Beata Vita

6. Imperivm in Imperio

Listen to the first single “Novvs Ordo Seclorvm” HERE or check out the visualizer video on Youtube HERE.

(Photo credit: Tim Tronckoe)

TRIAGONE offers Brutal Technical Death Metal with a fresh and authentic interpretation, presentation and vision, fronted by female singer and puncher Lorena Moraes and Lou-Indigo Caspar in a Female Beast VS. Male Beast vocal duo. Based in Brussels, Belgium, with having roots in Brazil, Italy, France and Belgium, TRIAGONE’s lyrcis are a mix of ancient Greek/Latin and modern Latin/Germanic languages.

TRIAGONE line-up
LOU-INDIGO CASPAR – Lead guitar & Vocals
LUCAS LEMBERT – Rhythm guitar
TRIAGONE online:

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Tech-Death Metal band TRIAGONE release first single “NOVVS ORDO SECLORUM”!


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