BUZZHERD/PALE HORSEMAN Stream Entirety of New Split Album At Doomed & Stoned

BUZZHERD and PALE HORSEMAN are streaming the entirety of their upcoming split album over at Doomed & Stoned. The album is set to be released tomorrow on vinyl and digital formats.



Track Listing: 

1. Buzzherd – H-PxBxPxTxBx        
2. Buzzherd – Menstrualcity        
3. Buzzherd – Leave a Little Room for Jesus        
4. Buzzherd – MoufTrix    
5. Buzzherd – Pinworm Quinceanera    
6. Pale Horseman – Grigori   
7. Pale Horseman – Exile        
8. Pale Horseman – Orisons        
9. Pale Horseman – Legions

The brutal Bethlehem, PA, based BUZZHERD and Chicago sludge lords PALE HORSEMAN are preparing to release the new album Split celebrating a wealth of fierce, heavy music.

Emerging in the early 2010s with a sludgy/doomy sound, the BUZZHERD have evolved to create a death and sludge hybrid, with a dose of grind. During their career, the outfit have performed with the likes of EYEHATEGOD, TODAY IS THE DAY, HOODED MENACE, and SECRET CUTTER. With six full-length releases under their belts, PALE HORSEMAN have also shared stages with the likes of EYEHATEGOD, CROWBAR, BONGRIPPER and CORONER, and performed at several festivals including Doomed & Stoned Festival, Beard Metal Fest and Full Terror Assault.

Initiating proceedings with an aggressive intensity, BUZZHERD‘s “PxBxPxTxBx” is fuelled by groove rhythms, thundering percussion and guttural vocals, while “Leave a Little Room for Jesus” delivers driving guitar riffs and fast-moving motifs. The quartet unleash a fury of heavy atrocities across the first half of the album. Deliciously distorted guitar tones carry a razor sharp edge, and the vocal delivery appears to rise from the depths as the bass and drums ground deeper into the earth. Honing a nightmarish atmosphere, BUZZHERD unleash and an unceasing assault on the senses. PALE HORSEMAN emerges out of the gloom with an advancing eerie fuzz inflamed sound through “GRIGORI”. Creating a striking mood through dynamic guitars, compelling vocals and ferocious percussion, “Exile” is a poignant exploration of a dark subject, aptly conveyed through the intense instrumentation. PALE HORSEMAN‘s bonus track “VIMANAS” ventures through a smorgasbord of instrumental and vocal harmonies that produces an immersive effect.

Split combines the sheer anguish from BUZZHERD with the moody experimentation from PALE HORSEMAN. The new album is filled with colossal sounds from both bands as they venture unafraid into the murky depths. Hard-hitting and unforgiving, Split is a powerful offering. 



Taylor Brown – Drums
Terry Payne – Vocals
Bryan Ferencz – Guitar
Justin Dottor – Bass


Recorded/mixed/mastered by John Rupp at Soundmine Recording Studio in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (GHOST, GOJIRA). 


Andre Almaraz – lead vocals/lead guitar – lives in Midlothian, Illinois 
Eric Ondo – lead vocals/rhythm guitar – lives in Matteson, Illinois 
Rich Cygan – bass – lives in Tinley Park, Illinois.
Jason Schryver – drums – lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.


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