RECORRUPTOR – Michigan Death Metal Unit Launch Single, “Malediction Upon The Holy”. Split EP With Redlord Out Now. New Album Out 2023


Lansing, Michigan technical death metallers Recorruptor are back with their new standalone single, “Malediction Upon The Holy” a fiery cut of brutal and frenetic death metal with a bit of something for everyone. The song comes from the band’s split EP, Horrendous with fellow Michigan death metal act Redlord which is out now The band has been at work on their upcoming 3rd album, which is tentatively set for release in the summer or fall of 2023.

Recorruptor elaborates on the release of “Malediction Upon The Holy”,
“Malediction Upon the Holy” is the culmination of all the personal and musical growth achieved through two and a half years of great stress and frustrations. Pairing our own stresses as people together with the unnaturally fucked up string of events that have plagued our society in recent years left us with no choice but to harness our inordinate rage and display it in vicious fashion. “Malediction”, and the forthcoming record, is Recorruptor at our most violent.

Lyrically, the single details the hopeful destruction of radicalized religion that plagues this world. In the light of Roe v. Wade being overturned, my personal hatred for the extremist, cultist behavior of radical Christianity grew to a peak. Recorruptor firmly negates the notion that any one person should heed to the imposed oppression that religious fanatics force upon this world on a daily basis.”

Band Information
Formed in 2013, the Lansing, Michigan death metallers in Recorruptor spent many years honing their craft playing live shows before releasing their debut album Bloodmoon in 2017. In 2020, Recorruptor unleashed their well-received sophomore album, The Funeral Corridor. That album saw the band’s music evolve from their earlier more straightforward sound toward a multifaceted approach drawing heavily from black metal, brutal death metal, technical death metal, and melodic death metal.

Like many bands, the Covid-19 pandemic slowed things down in the Recorruptor camp, yet since live shows returned in 2021, Recorruptor has resumed melting faces as often as they can. Playing Rust Fest in 2021 & 2021, and performing at OIGS Fest. As well as playing shows alongside notable bands such as Battlecross, Throne, Hath, Cognitive, and opening on the recent Suffocation, Atheist, Contrarian, and Soreption tour.

Recorruptor is strongly recommended for fans of bands the group cites as influences which include Hour of Penance, Cattle Decapitation, Cannibal Corpse, Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder, Immolation, and Emperor.

Recorruptor is:
Clint A. Franklin – Vocals
Seth Earl – Guitar
Caleb Susman – Guitar
Alex Schmidt – Bass (From Blue To Gray)
Josh Moore – Drums (Summon)

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