THROAT LOCUST Announce New EP Dragged Through Glass


Influenced by classic Florida death metal, but seasoned with BOLT THROWER and PANTERA’s Texas groove, THROAT LOCUST seeks to create extreme music with a broad appeal. The new EP Dragged Through Glass will be unleashed on January 6th, 2023. 

Today, the band offered up the first taste of their album with their new single and video “Axe Grinder“. Check it out HERE

The band comments: “Created by Dante Torrieri, the ‘Axe Grinder’ video is an assault of visual and sonic senses with chaos and the familiarity with the love of retro memories. Layers of chaos that represent the music and riffs that hark back on the days of OSDM and hardcore.”

Formed at the dawn of 2022 the outfit have focused on refining their brutal sound and preparing to start cracking skulls in a basements of the touring circuit. Their first recordings reek of danger while also pushing the boundaries of underground metal madness. Ferocious harsh vocals and ruthless guitars explode with thunderous percussion into a wall of sound. From the savage assault of “Death Lurker” to the vicious onslaught of “Corruption and Greed”, and the bloodthirsty concluding track “Axe Grinder”, THROAT LOCUST don’t hold anything back. The band deliver high-energy, high-impact metal filled with intricate riffs and changing dynamics. 

THROAT LOCUST produce merciless death metal that emerges straight out of the impending doom. The sheer monstrous power of their sound is immense. Dragged Through Glass showcases an epic insight into the quintet’s heavy realms. THROAT LOCUST is sure to appeal to lovers of the guttural.

THROAT LOCUST_cover221029
Track Listing: 
1. Death Lurker 
2. Corruption and Greed
3. Axe Grinder

Gil – Vocals
Eric- Guitar
Alex- Guitar
Adrian – Bass
Rob – Drums


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