Dissonant death metal band DYSGNOSTIC reveal new track on Toilet ov Hell


After the recent release of the widely acclaimed Devenial Verdict debut full length, it’s almost time for dissonant death metal label mates Dysgnostic to unleash their debut album. But before that another captivating song has been premiered, this time by Toilet ov Hell and they do it in their own inimitable style. You can find the feature AT THIS LINK.  

“an avant-garde dissonant death metal outfit that reaches back even further in the supposed evolutionary chain and takes inspiration from ancestors like Ulcerate, Gorguts, and similar acts”


– “my favorite Transcending Obscurity release this year” – Moshpit Nation (US)

– “an absolute beast of a performance” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “meditative, crushing, and absolutely stunning” – Machine Music (Israel)

– “dark and dissonant death metal delivered with intense ferocity and technical flourishes” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “the kind of intricate and ferocious death metal that makes you think” – Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)


Dysgnostic (Denmark) – Scar Echoes (Dissonant​ Death Metal)

Genre – Dissonant Death Metal
Release Date – November 11th, 2022
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Ulcerate, Sunless, Aeviterne, Gorguts, Devenial Verdict, Norse, Deathspell Omega

Known as Defilementory in a previous avatar, the critically acclaimed Danish death metal band were rechristened Dysgnostic to reflect a more contemporary direction of music that’s more dissonant, technical and even atmospheric in its own dark, mysterious way. On their debut full length, the accomplished musicians find little trouble in weaving together songs that are complex yet engaging, offering undulating moments of intensity as well as enveloping dissonant ambience. The process is so deftly done that it almost has a hypnotic effect on you, despite the music getting challenging at times, and keeps your attention riveted through it all. Upholding the compelling sinuous approach, each of the songs manage to offer a slightly different expression, a glimpse into another dark dimension, and find ways to remain with you long after the album is over. Invariably, the album seeps into your consciousness, its cajoling darkness and wistful tunes making the process easier. The dreamier songs toward the end of the album complete the ritual and take over the possession of your mind, body and soul, as intended. 

Line up –
Thomas Fischer – Bass, vocals, composition
Simon Klem Kannegard – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Richardt Olsen – Drums, guitar

Artwork by Dawid Figielek (Morbid Evils)

Track list –
1. Dysgnostic 
2. Silvery Tongues 
3. Beneath Abyssal Plains 
4. Oceans of Grey 
5. Nothing’s Embrace 
6. Scion of Absence 
7. Eternal Recurrence 
8. Darkest Muse 

Official Video

Official Video Stream

Dysgnostic Bandcamp

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