CRITICAL DEFIANCE premiere new medley at “Deaf Forever” magazine’s website, set release date for new DYING VICTIMS / UNSPEAKABLE AXE album


On January 27th, 2023 internationally, Dying Victims Productions will release Critical Defiance‘s highly anticipated second album, No Life Forms, on vinyl LP format; Unspeakable Axe Records will be handling the CD version. And today, Deaf Forever magazine’s website premieres a medley of songs from the album. Hear Critical Defiance‘s No Life Forms medley exclusively HERE.

Hailing from the cult-metal hotbed of Chile, for nearly a decade now, Critical Defiance have been steadfast purveyors of authentically late ‘80s-style THRASH. Their 2019 debut album, Misconception, turned many a head, and now the time has come for Critical Defiance to turn heads completely around with their second album.

Ominously titled No Life FormsCritical Defiance’s second full-length sees the quintet firing on all cylinders – and heading into hyperdrive. Insanely tight in their razor-sharp execution, the Chileans here dish out extreme aggression nearly every second of this breathless, 30-minute work, with riffs flowing fast and free, and then going faster, faster, FASTER! Through it all, Critical Defiance’s stop-on-a-dime chops prove jawdropping, and lest one misconstrue No Life Forms as a mere exercise in clinical precision, be aware that the band never forget thrash’s primary power: full-on thrashing and The Mosh, moving seamlessly between the two and with catchiness to spare. All that’s in full force here, and it cannot be overstated how insanely juiced-up their execution is. No speed limit!

Fans of vintage Vio-Lence, Atrophy, Whiplash, and Dark Angel, you’ve met your modern match with Critical Defiance’s No Life Forms!

In the meantime, hear a medley of songs from No Life Forms exclusively HERE, courtesy of Deaf Forever, Germany’s defenders of the true. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Critical Defiance’s No Life Forms
1. A Word Crumbling Apart
2. The Last Crusaders… Bringers of Death!
3. Altering The Senses
4. Dying Breath
5. Elephant
6. Edge Of Consciousness
7. Kill Them With Kindness
8. Warhead (Emotional Fallout)
9. We Were Never Here To Stay
10. No Life Forms


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