New Single From Upcoming T.O.M.B. Album Released


Fans of US Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemers T.O.M.B, have today been given the chance to hear a second track from the band’s upcoming album “Terror Winds”, which is due for release on Dark Essence Records on the 2nd December.
The title of the single, “Hatred to All”  is a clear indication of the thoughts and emotions that lie behind the track, as T.O.M.B explain:
 “Hatred to All”  is an anthem to those visions and values that shaped the foundation of early 90’s black metal.  With a ruthless rabid intent, the malice behind the music of the song embodies acts of aggression without borders.  It embraces a freedom of unrestrained anger and ill will toward everyone and everything regardless of gender, race, religion, moral beliefs or political stances.  
“Hatred to All” can be downloaded or streamed from a number of services at
As well as on YouTube at
A follow up to 2020’s “The Thin Veil”,  T.O.M.B’s latest album “Terror Winds”, is the  seventh full-length release from a band known for its exploration of esoteric matters  such as death, paranormal activity and occult practices, and who, with over twenty years of making music, have created a sound that combines Black Metal with elements of  Dark Ambient, Doom, Death, Industrial and Power Electronics.

Bringing all their experience to bear  on “Terror Winds”, T.O.M.B have created an album that has the authentically dangerous feel of early 90s Black Metal.  Combine that with a powerful wave of ambient keyboards and classic T.O.M.B. noise, and you have an album filled with symphonic ambience and necromantic noise soundscapes. It is both horrific and spellbinding in a way that only a band with the  reputation as one of the top innovators in the field of modern-day Black Metal can produce.

With a lineup that includes No-One, B. Zimimay, Tyler B and Samantha Viola, “Terror Winds” was recorded live at the Ossuary Studios in New York City and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios in Sweden. 

With  artwork by Nestor Avalos, tracklisting for “Terror Winds” is as follows:

1. Terror Winds
2. In the Ugly Dark
3. Wraiths
4. Hatred to All
5. Frost Tyrants
6. Reincarnation


Terror Winds” will be available in CD, LP and Digital formats, and is now available to pre-order from:

US Webshop:
Updatable Pre-Order Links:

More information about T.O.M.B can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official video for the track “Pestilence” from T.O.M.B’s 2020 album “The Thin Veil” can be seen at

T.O.M.B on Facebook:

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