Galactic Space Metal Project FINAL BLAST Release Music Video For Thrashy New Single “Revenants From Hell”


Galactic Space Metal project FINAL BLAST has descended from beyond the stars to release their first ever music video on November 11th for “Revenants From Hell”, the new single from their upcoming album, The Return From Beyond.

The band comments:
Revenants From Hell” will be the first-ever FINAL BLAST release with a music video featuring Luke playing the electric guitar along with Ukrainian vocalist Evgen Zoidie. I think the fans will be excited to see this as, in the past, there have only been lyric videos. This new single has everything one might expect from a FINAL BLAST song such as thrashy guitar riffs, a full orchestra, epic choir staccatos, and blast beat drumming with extreme metal vocals.

“Revenants From Hell” is the latest addition to FINAL BLAST’s swift-growing arsenal of heavy hitters. Releasing ahead of their upcoming album, The Return from Beyond, “Revenants From Hell” pulls no punches. From the drop, the track opens with squealing guitars over blast beats, enveloped by a chanting choir, strings, and nostalgic synths. Opening up into a melody-driven verse, stacked with vocal harmonies and peppered with harsh vocals, the song progresses into a sweep-picked solo reminiscent of classic thrash, followed by a symphonic breakdown, before stepping up a key and closing out with a climactic final chorus.

Watch the “Revenants From Hell” music video on YouTube:

FINAL BLAST_cover221112

FINAL BLAST is the brainchild of Luke Robinson and was formed in 2014. Infused with sci-fi and fantasy themes, the project draws musical influence from the melodies of IRON MAIDEN, the energy of MEGADETH, and the raw symphonic power of NIGHTWISH, with orchestral soundscapes drawing on the cinematic quality of composer JOHN WILLIAMS.

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