BIERSBREAKER – Release of Reshout for War EP

The group from San Sebastian Biersbreaker will publish their latest EP Reshout for War in digital format on December XX through Gargoil Tavern Records, which will be available on the band’s Bandcamp page and from December XX on the main digital distribution platforms.

In 2022 it will be ten years since the release of Bierbreaker’s first album Shout for War and the quintet from San Sebastian wanted to celebrate it by reissuing four of the songs that made up the album (Shout for War, Biersbreaker, Crossing the Abyss and The Sons of Beer). For this they have kept the original recordings, but they have also re-recorded the voices with their current singer Mikel, as well as the drums with Iosu “Bizargorri”.

The band has also wanted to modernize the sound and bring it closer to the style they currently have, so, in addition to remixing and remastering it, they have added orchestral arrangements that are added to traditional instruments, such as bagpipes and whistle. In addition, we can listen to traditional basque instruments that the group is gradually introducing in their search for the “Basque Folk Metal” sound.

Reshout for War (EP, December XX)

Current lineup:

Mikel “Mikka” – singer
Xabi “Viky” – guitars / folk instruments
Gonzalo “Nigga” – guitars
Unai – bass
Iosu “Bizargorri” – drums

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