Romanian Prog Metal band WHITE WALLS releases new music video for “Darkness, Let The Air Flow!”

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Critically acclaimed Romanian progressive metal band White Walls returns with a new single and music video for the song “Darkness, Let The Air Flow!”.  The new video has been directed by Luca Nicolaescu from StaySharp Film, starring Nicoleta Lefter and Sofia Nicolaescu. As with the previous single, the artwork was created by Alexandru Daș. The song was mixed and mastered by George Lever at G1 Productions (Sleep TokenMonuments).

Hailing from the Romanian shores of the Black Sea, the progressive metal outfit White Walls was founded in 2009. The band’s sound has been associated with diverse groups, such as LeprousThe OceanOpethTool and KarnivoolWhite Walls often intertwine elements of darkness and light with relentless riffs, melancholic chords and a balanced mix between restlessness and restraint.

2 Years since the release of full-length “Grandeur” the band wishes to break away from the traditional album release cycle, in order to focus more on bite-sized releases that can showcase different facets of their musicianship. After the release of the previous single, “The Gift”, the band returns with a new song dealing with a heavy topic.

About the concept behind the track Eugen (vocals) says: “ The track is about feral children, trauma, abandonment, neglect, abuse and fear. The lyrics describe the life of a feral child and how hard it is to survive on your own in the wild. In the end the child dies by drowning in a lake. The chorus is a metaphor about the fact that at birth some have everything and others have nothing. Not even the right to live. “Darkness, let the air flow” 

About the concept of the video Luca Nicolaescu (director) says: “ The video refers to the myth of the Norns, and it is an allegorical representation of the thread of fate spinning irreversibly in one direction only, no matter how much we would wish to change its course. 

About the music video Dasu (guitars) says:  We have always liked to give our collaborating artists a free hand and never regretted it. Every time we are blown away by their ideas and their take on our music. It’s already a known fact that we love doing art just for the sake of it, creating thus a creative snowball that keeps on building and building on previous layers. This time, the result is a mystical video about destiny, cyclicality and the impossibility to really change anything. ”

Credits: Starring Nicoleta Lefter & Sofia Nicolaescu, Luca Nicolaescu (Director), Dorel Gnatiuc (DoP), Diana Rădulescu (Editor), Ruxandra Staicu (Color Grading), Ligia Prodan (Production), Iliana Dumitrache (Production), Cosmin Dogaru (Production), Miruna Bălașa (Costumes), Cristina Mimi (Make-up & Hair), Anca Munteanu (Art Director), Ionuț Cone (Gaffer), Radu Tudor (Electrician), Andrei Martalog (Lighting Operator), Vlad Popescu (Focus Puller), Yassen Sagha (2nd AC), Ileana Teodorescu (DIT), Raul Pipaș (Trainee & BTS), George Leața (Driver), Nedelea Gabriel Alexandru (Driver), SQUAD Rental (Camera Equipment), EVAL (Lighting Equipment), WOX (Props)

Special thanks: Mircea Trancă, Alexandru Dorobanțu, Alexandra Lele, Nicolae Anghel, Flavian Albulescu, Cristian Protopopiu, Dan Nicolaescu, Cristina Nicolaescu, George Dușu, Liviu Neculai, Viorica Neculai, Moș Ilie.


Theo Scrioșteanu – drums
Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu – bass
Eugen Brudaru – vocals
Alexandru-Eduard Dascălu (Dasu) – guitar

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