THE INFERNO DOLL Premieres Video For “Renfield” At No Clean Singing

THE INFERNO DOLL‘s Gothic horror creation “Renfield” is premiering now at No Clean Singing. Exploring a deadly tale of a vampire and a hunter, who is played by EMBER BELLADONNA, THE INFERNO DOLL’s theatrics deliver a bloodthirsty offering. The New single will be released on November 18th, 2023. 

Watch the video at No Clean Singing:

“Of all characters in Dracula, Renfield (in my opinion) is the most underrated and one of my favourites. Renfield lost his mind for serving Dracula’s evil plans. He was a man who in moments of clarity felt guilt for being the one who prepared the way for Dracula to turn Mina into a Vampire. Dracula promised Renfield immortality and he was constantly providing him with insects so he could consume their lives… but in the end, he’s betrayed by his Master.”

THE INFERNO DOLL ventures deeper into the realms of the dark through the new single “Renfield”. Exploring a love of Gothic Horror, Renfield, a seemingly underated character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula is brought into the limelight in this heavy demonic release. 

Further inspiration for the song also comes from Renfield – Slave of Dracula by Barbara Hambly, in which unanswered questions are met with intriguing explanations about his turmoil of being torn between good and evil. Featuring EMBER BELLADONNA on the glissando flute, the musicality of this song deviates from THE INFERNO DOLL’s previous releases. Heavily distorted guitars and thrashing percussion explode into a high intensity full sound. The elegant flute weaves its way through the metal instrumentation adding a haunting edge and a glimmer of hope for choosing the path into the light. Laura’s demonic harsh vocals manifest the monstrous nature in “Renfield”, while ethereal clean vocals emerge to enhance the textural variety of the song through a compelling contrast. 

THE INFERNO DOLL descends into the disturbing nightmarish realms, unleashing a ferocious metal assault to deliver a narrative on one of Gothic literature’s most chaotic and mysterious characters. Battling an internal conflict, the darkness ultimately consumes.  


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