SCARS OF THE FLESH Release ‘In Darkness Alone’ / Album Streaming!

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Melodic/Blackened Death Metal crew SCARS OF THE FLESH have released In Darkness Alone, the band’s third full-length album. Streaming and buying options are below!

In Darkness Alone on Spotify (album stream) (Merch) (Shirts)

 “Consisting of five original tracks and four stellar cover songs, the band has created a dark blend of atmosphere, melody and aggression.”

– Invisible Oranges

“Armed for the apocalypse, this time with some new weapons of mass destruction. An interesting dark new dawn for Scars of the Flesh has begun.”

– Metal Noise

“In Darkness Alone stands to be the album that truly puts this band on the map with five brand spanking new tracks alongside four amazing cover songs that the band truly makes their own.”

– Nine Circles

In Darkness Alone features five brand new original tracks plus four cover songs. Seething with dark melodic atmosphere, this new album dives deeper into the elements that SOTF outlined with their first two releases, all the while expanding upon 2017’s Harvest of Souls and 2020’s Reaching into the Void.

Bringing epic song structures, mixed with brutality, melody and sheer emotion, In Darkness Alone sets to make a definitive mark in a genre already defined by many great bands, yet without sounding like mere mimicry.

FFO: Death, Hypocrisy, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Shadow Of Intent, Insomnium, Behemoth, The Forsaken

Track Listing:

1. Only I

2. The Hooded One

3. In Darkness Alone

4. Memory Unknown

5. Mors Aeterna

6. Chant For Ezkaton (Behemoth Cover)

7. Silent Night Fever (Dimension Zero Cover)

8. Victorious March (Amon Amarth Cover)

9. The God That Failed (Metallica Cover)

Album Credits:

Recorded, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Bryan Eckermann at Bonespill Studios (2021-2022)

Music tracks 1-4 by (Eckermann/Russell)

Lyrics tracks 1-4 by (Lange)

Music track 5 by (Eckermann)

Guest solo on track 4 by Jon Santiago

Track 6 originally by Behemoth

Track 7 originally by Dimension Zero

Track 8 originally by Amon Amarth

Track 9 originally by Metallica



Kobey Lange – Vocals

Bryan Eckermann – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Derek Russell – Rhythm Guitar

Collyn Rios – Drums

Robert O’Briant – Bass


Scars of the Flesh is a Melodic Blackened Death Metal Band from San Antonio, TX, created in 2014 by Guitarists Bryan Eckermann (Solo Artist, ex-Wings of Abaddon), Derek Russell and Vocalist Kobey Lange (Cerebral Desecration, ex-Wings of Abaddon). Their debut album Harvest of Souls was released in 2017 to a wide positive online reaction, 20,000+ views on the Youtube stream and many album sales encouraged the members to push the band forward. 2020 saw the release of the second album Reaching into the Void, still crafted by only the three members alone, but a first live show was booked with fill-in members on drums and bass to celebrate the release and finally bring the band to the stage. Immediately after, Covid became a reality, and had prevented much progress throughout the next year and a half. But the work continued, and a new full lineup was soon in place with adding Collyn Rios (Cerebral Desecration, Black Jackal) on drums, and Robert O’Briant (The Hanged Man’s Curse, ex-Wings of Abaddon) on bass. Kicking off their return to the stage, was a battle for the Wacken festival in Texas as well as several other local shows. Now in November 2022 they return with their third album In Darkness Alone, featuring five new original tracks as well as four cover songs. Mixing a perfect blend of dark atmosphere, melody and brutality. This new release looks to carve the name Scars of the Flesh into the minds of all…

Scars of the Flesh on YouTube

Scars of the Flesh on Spotify

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