HOPELESSNESS has released ‘Mukuru’, their new EP!


The basque band Hopelessness has released their new album Mukuru through Basque Metal Country label. Their style is melodic death/doom metal, and the five new songs are in that vein. They have switched from singing in english to basque and latin.

01. Errituala
02. Punitio Perpetuum
03. Plenum Vacuum
04. Lur Atsekabetua
05. Bidegurutzean

The have recorded it at Txopin Etxea by guitarist Patxi, and it has been mixed and masteres by Aimar Ibarzabal (Ilun Produkzioa). However, the cover and illustrations are by the artist Ramón Sánchez.

Today, the band is made up of four musicians: Txemi (drums), Aitor (bass), Ion (guitars) and Patxi (guitars). Former singer Igor has collaborated on the songs Errituala, Punitio Perpetuum, Plenum Vacuum and Lur Atsekabetua.

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