ZAGTAR – Release New Video ‘Amputate to Escape’ & Album ‘Primordial Mother’ out


Brisbane metal outfit Zagtar are something of an enigma. Despite doing the rounds since 2016, the band have only released one E.P – Deadly Curse – in 2017 and played only a handful of live shows.
So who are Zagtar? Possibly one of the finest metal outfits you haven’t heard. Yet. And that’s a massive yet.
Comprised of guitar/vocals Paul Doig, bass/backing vocals Adz Misfit, lead guitarist Jeff Barrett and drummer Jason Sense, Zagtar have declared 2022 the year of their rising, with their debut album Primordial Mother slated for release on November 19.
The band have now unleashed their brand new single “Amputate to Escape“.
Check out the video for the track here:
To quote from the band: “Is the process of saving your life or mind by the process of amputation. Certain points in life require such extremes (based on some species of crabs that amputate their own claws to escape capture or the movies SAW and 127 hours.”
Preferring to take their time and allow their music to ultimately dictate terms, Zagtar have been steadily building to breaking point, honing their sound and perfecting their live performance in an effort to not just hit the ground running, but to punch holes in the pavement while doing so. By refusing to focus on one sub genre of heavy metal, Zagtar have allowed themselves the musical freedom to explore a myriad of sounds encompassing thrash, groove and punk and everything in between.
We are just playing music we enjoy,” the band state. “Neither following trends nor completely disregarding them. Ideally, we have harnessed our sound into something that is heavy and raw, featuring an ear catching array of melodies and hooks. No bullshit. No posing. Just heavy metal played for enjoyment.


Amputate to Escape
Factory Farms of Human Sustenance
Primordial Mother
Unnatural Order
Vile Shrine
Open the Grinder
Lazarus Hook
Sacred Hunt

Get the album here:

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