PULPIT VOMIT Warns Us of the Turkey Annihilation

Seth Metoyer from Pulpit Vomit expands on the band’s recently released future holiday classic song, “Turkey Annihilation:”

“‘Turkey Annihilation’ is about a mad scientist who synthesized turkey’s in his lab and they ended up becoming sentient. They have grown massively and are now attempting to destroy mankind for revenge against all the turkey’s we eat during the holidays.

I do eat turkey on Thanksgiving, but the song is sort of an homage to Tourniquet’s Ted Kirkpatrick (RIP). I chatted with him once about Tofurkeys. As you all probably know, Ted was a vegan. I have actually cut way back on my animal products over the years, but still do enjoy a good steak and burger, and yes, turkey. I told him I tried a tofurkey once and it wasn’t too bad. Anyway, we joked about turkey’s getting revenge one day, and since he was a huge Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft fan, I thought it might be fun to do a Lovecraft-type story in a song about that.

Another working title was, ‘You Eat Us, We Eat You.’ Haha. What’s the point of any of this if you’re not having a little fun.”

Turkey Annihilation from Pulpit Vomit is available to purchase or stream right now here

You can connect with Pulpit Vomit through Instagram and Facebook.

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