MIKE BERTOLI’S AVATAR – watch the videoclip of the new single “Devil’s bridge”

The videoclip of the new single “Devil’s bridge” by Mike Bertoli’s Avatar is out now on Youtube.

An auditive seismic shock under all points of view: Mike‘s opening riff will make you open one eye, Jack‘s words will grab your shoulders and shake you to wake you up from the nubness, while his voice will ruthlessly make its way through your ears. He’s the friend who drags you away from the couch while screaming at your face “What the hell is scaring you? We’ll find a way!”. And while Nik‘s bass will place a couple of bricks on your chest, Andrea‘s bossy and unceasing drums will dictate the rhythm of your steps when you cross the bridge.

At the beginning of the videoclip, the protagonist is fearfully walking allowing her ghosts to influence her path. Until she decides to face them. Climbing up on the bridge, she finds out that her biggest fear’s names are Judgement, Failure, Rejection and Death. She now understands that the war has just begun: each song of the album will tell us about the single battles. Who’s going to win?

The videoclip has been shooted on the Devil’s Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano (LU), between the city walls and the ancient underground tunnels of Lucca and on the Roman style aqueduct in Capannori (LU).

Devil’s bridge” is the second single taken from the album “The giant within”, out on December 16th on all digital stores via MB Records while physical copies will be out via Andromeda Relix and distributed by MaRaCash.

The line-up of “Devil’s bridge” comprehends Jacopo “Jack” Mascagni (Hot Cherry band) on the vocals, Nik Capitini (Hot Cherry band and owner of Red Wall Recording Studio) on bass guitar, the young talented guy from Florence Andrea Del Francia on drumsand obviously Mike Bertoli on guitars.

The mastermind behind the Mike Bertoli’s Avatar project shows his interest in music when he’s only a child and he buys his first electric guitar at the age of 13. Because of some unsatisfying experiences with music teachers that couldn’t fulfil his craving for heavy metal, Mike keeps studying and practicing by himself and records a demo with his first band, the Sky Devils. He also keeps listening to tons of music: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Testament, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensryche and many other bands that still give him inspiration. Mike joins his second band, ASTRAS, and they publish the album “Maze of time” for the label Stay Metal Records. The album is quite appreciated not only in Italy but also in the UK, where the band has the possibility to go on tour. The tour is canceled though, the band loses its enthusiasm and Mike leaves because of the disappointment and the frustration after a while.

The situation changes in 2020: Mike gets back his inspiration and starts writing new music again, guided by the great guitar master Nicolas Pandolfi and by the old friend Nik Capitini. That’s how the project called Mike Bertoli’s Avatar sees the light with a very appropriate name, since the music fully reflects his personality. Everything’s ready for the release of his first album, in which many guests have contributed.

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