NIGHNACHT – “Asking To Be Killed” EP exclusive premier & interview

ARTIST: Nighnacht
ALBUM: Asking To Be Killed
LABEL: Morbid And Miserable Records
RELEASE DATE: December 2, 2022
GENRE: Death/black/thrash metal
FORMAT: Cassette and digital
FOR FANS OF: Nunslaughter, Deceased, Aura Noir

Nighnacht represents nothing but unhinged and horrific heavy metal insanity! Featuring Nunslaughter frontman Don Of The Dead at the helm, Nighnacht tears through speakers and eardrums alike with their deranged style of extreme metal. In 2019 the band released their debut EP Christophilia and quickly followed it up the next year with their second EP Murder Myself. Now the four-piece has returned to deliver even more maniacal musical mutilation with their third EP Asking To Be Killed. With seven tracks clocking in at just over 13 minutes, this EP wastes no time ripping through a rabid mixture of death, black, and thrash metal topped off with psychotic wails and screeches. There is no way to prepare for the sound — night is falling and bedlam is coming! Asking To Be Killed will be released digitally and on cassette tape by Morbid And Miserable Records on December 2nd, 2022.

Track listing:

  1. Defiling Your Corpse
  2. Asking To Be Killed
  3. Auto Euthanasia
  4. Dealing With Grief
  5. Existence Is Futile
  6. Chopping Up The Dead
  7. In The Woods At Halloween
Don, you do not disappoint even after 30 years. Nighnacht is a really raging type of music and the sound is very sick, too. After so many Nunslaughter releases, why did you want to have a band like this? How would you describe the music of Nighnacht?

HELLo and thank you.
This band was not created by me but rather by the other band members. I was living in Arizona and through friends I ended up meeting the guys and they were already doing several bands / projects. The four of us were hanging out every so often and jamming. I liked what they were writing and mentioned doing a recording and me performing vocals for the project.
The music was all them and I am very appreciative that they let me join and use a unique approach to the vocals.
I would say the Nighnacht music black metal inspired death metal. The way that the songs are arranged keep my interest and the way the music is recorded is primitive. I think of it as a black metal version of Necrophagia.

You started in 2019 and now you’re releasing your third EP. 2 years have passed since the last one. When were these 7 songs born? Where did you record them? What topics can we hear you wailing about in them?

The new release will be out 3rd recording. Our first two being Christophilia Tape / 7″ and Murder Myself tape. The new one, Asking to Be Killed was written in Phoenix AZ by the musicians and then the files were sent to me to compose the lyrics. We recorded the vocals in Cleveland ohio and it was mixed by Noah Buchanon in Cleveland at Mercinary Studios. He does lots of bands like NunSlaughter, Midnight, Destructor, Ringworm, Shed the Skin, The Gluttons, Embalmer and many others.
All of the topics deal with sadness, grief, loneliness and suicide. Dark subject matter and most of it is do not explore in NunSlaughter. It is another avenue for my words and stories.

As Nunslaughter also released a lot of EPs and split releases, it occurred to me that this will characterize Nighnacht, too! Can we expect a full album in the near future, or will we always get shorter materials but with undiluted, quality songs?

That is really up to the guys in the band. Mainly Paul, the guitarist who writes most of the material. I do know that he is currently writing and recording another album for a different band so it may be a while until he has time to dedicate to writing more music for Nighnacht. I am ready when he does and will pen the lyrics. This music was written last year and it took me a bit to record the lyrics and find a label. I do hope people enjoy what we have created and want to hear more.

The “Asking To Be Killed” EP will be released digitally and on cassette on the 2nd of December, 2022 via Morbid And Miserable Records. Why did you choose this label? What made them attractive to you? What questions did you have for them?

I live in Ohio and there is so much going on with labels, distro and many great bands. I met the guys at a show and I liked that they were stoked about Ohio music. I am personally interested in working with labels and bands from our area so it seemed like a good fit.  They have quality releases and I am proud to have Nighnacht on Morbid and Miserable.

I’m just curious, whether you can tell me right now, how many releases you’ve been involved in and how many gigs you’ve already done?

I never really counted the releases or the amount of shows I have performed. The bands that I have done in the past are Death Sentence, NunSlaughter, The Robot Chicken Farmers, The Synitek Corporation, Feces Devourer, The Blob, Flapjack, Tondra, Satanic Threat and Nighnacht, That is what I can remember.
I have probably been on over 250 releases and recorded over 350 original songs. I have not performed that many shows but if I would estimate maybe around 300 shows with various bands.
How would you sum up your career so far? Why do you like this particular style?

Personally, I think I have had a lack luster career in music. I should have taken more chances and really threw myself into creating music full time. Being at the twilight of my music career I look back too often about things I should and should not have done.
But for the music that I was able to be a part of, I dig it. I put thought and emotion into the words. I do not know what I would have done without Death Metal guiding my life and keeping me centered. Frank Zappa said it “Music is the Best” and I agree.

What can we expect in the history of the Nighnacht band in the near future?

When we all get the time It would be great to perform live but we live far away from each other so for now the band will continue to write music and record. I have lots of sinister and depressing  stories I want to tell and Nighnacht is the band I fell best publishing them through. I am sure the rest of the guys, especially Paul, have lots of music to write.

Don, it’s very good what you have created! I cannot say anything else about it but that it is the perfect sick music! Thanks for the interview!

You are Hellcome my fiend. Stay Dead, Miserable and Morbid!


Keoni – Drums
Paul – Guitar
Chris – Bass
Don – Vocals


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