PURSUIT “Loose Lips“ is out now! Full album stream


PURSUIT is a newly founded 5-piece Heavy Rock outfit emanating from the moonlit streets of Leipzig, Germany.

Their modern approach to 80s heavy music bears the band’s first full-length “Loose Lips“, a debut rich in driving rhythms, versatile riffing and old-school soloing. Intriguing, ardent singing, and lyrics that deal with Love, Lust and Loss, furthermore define PURSUIT’s sonic opus – a nourishing sun for the blossoms of your soul.

Brace yourselves to take on the chase and let your ears feast on this opulent musical prey.

Engineered by Tariq Lorenz and Lucas Hurtig in March/April 2022. Mixed by Anton Hoyer in May/June 2022. Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony in July 2022.

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