NEGATIVE VORTEX – Brazilian/American Doomed Death Metal Cult Announce Immense Debut Album – Track Premiered At Metal Injection, Music Video Available via CVLT Nation


We’re extremely proud to announce our partnership with Los Angeles-based Brazilian death metal duo Negative Vortex, who will issue their debut masterpiece “Tomb Absolute” on January 20 2023 worldwide via Sentient Ruin.

The immense beast of an album has been anticipated back in February via CVLT Nation with a premiere of the band’s music video for the album’s title track, while a second track titled “Cicuta” was revealed by Metal Injection this week, with the famous metal site outlining that the track is “a perfectly plodding slab of rotting death metal slowly making its way across this Earth to find and eviscerate you”.

Brazilian US-based doomed death metal duo Negative Vortex rise from the depths of torment with their long awaited debut album “Tomb Absolute”, a fifty four-minute, nine-song double LP of absolute, towering atmospheric death metal oblivion. Years in the making, meticulously produced, and assembled from sheer pain and perfectionism, “Tomb Absolute” is a colossal slab of grim and hopeless death metal evoking bleak and pessimistic visions of a doomed future to come, and stirring with bitter reflections about mental illnesses, society’s role in human failure, dysfunctions of the mind and spiritual hopelessness. Musically the album takes its life force and inspiration from the glory and timelessness of 80’s and 90’s death and doom metal (Cathedral, Nihilist, Autopsy, Celtic Frost), wielding a death-bearing payload of intense, monolithic, gut wrenching death metal riffs alternated by ultra-depressing slow-paced doom sections to conjure an ultimate monolith erected to complete death, pain and suffering. The album’s imposing and pessimistic aura is further enhanced by a dense and a multi-layered production, lengthy and trance-like compositions that drag the listener into a labyrinthine realm of utter darkness and despair, and synth-laden ambient dirges and spoken word passages that exalt the album’s lightless depths and monstrous atmospheres. Completing and further adorning the massive hellscape are also illustrious guest appearances from veterans of the scene like Nick Holmes (Paradise lost / Bloodbath), Kam Lee (Massacre), Moyses Koslene (Krisiun), Leon del Muerte (Impaled / Terrorizer L.A.), Vik (Whipstriker), and Caleb Bingham (Athanasia), providing additional guitars leads and vocal contributions.


Tomb Absolute” is officially slated for a January 20 2023 worldwide release on 2LP, CD, MC and digital formats via Sentient Ruin.

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