Streaming Now! Star Wars Power Metal VIS MYSTICA’s New EP “Celestial Wisdom” ft. Guests From Lords of the Trident, Operus, Dragonland – Produced by Chad Anderson (Helion Prime)

ft. guests Ty Christian (Lords of the Trident), David Michael Moote (Operus), Jonas Heidgert (Dragonland)

– Produced by Chad Anderson (Helion Prime) –

“Celestial Wisdom” Out December 2nd


From a galaxy far, far away comes Vis Mystica, a Star Wars-based power metal act, that aims to provide escapism from everyday life and transportation into a fantastical world of magical powers and epic stories. Their debut EP “Celestial Wisdom” is eight bombastic tracks retelling the Dawn of the Jedi comics from Dark Horse Comics. The band quotes:

“This is an EP that we want people to listen to when they want to escape the craziness and mundane nature of everyday life. Sitting in an office for a 9 to 5 job doesn’t offer one much time for adventure or fantastical experiences and Vis Mystica wants to convey that through its music. You can be sitting at home, driving to work, anything and have the opportunity to turn on this album and be transported to a wonderful land outside of the boundaries of our reality.”

“Celestial Wisdom” is a fantastical journey into a world full of mystic powers and sprawling landscapes, with a classic “Good vs. Evil” battle and many memorable locations and detailed stories. All the themes come from the mind of Star Wars fan Connor McCray who suggests that fans can expect a massive amount of new music over the coming years as he has ideas for several albums to come already and these will only grow stronger with time.

Despite writing all of the music himself, McCray (guitar, bass, orchestration) relies on the talents and input of drummer Dillon Trollope and vocalist Devin Dewyer along with guests Ty Christian (Lords of the Trident), David Michael Moote (Operus), and Jonas Heidgert (Dragonland) to make the songs as strong as they can possibly be.

While they take great influence from other bands, Vis Mystica is quite confident that they possess a style that is somewhat unique in the Power Metal landscape. They are recommended for fans of Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, and Bal-Sagoth.

Listen to “Celestial Wisdom” in full via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

Epic and technical, Vis Mystica is recommended for Star Wars fans and those who like Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, and Bal-Sagoth.

“Celestial Wisdom” will be available on all digital platforms as of December 2nd, 2022.

EP pre-order –

Previous singles can be heard on the band’s YouTube here.


Vis Mystica also have a crowdfunding campaign set up for the EP –


Track Listing:
1. Whispering Winds of Fate (feat. Jonas Heidgert – Dragonland) – 3:58
2. Legacy of the Builders (feat. David Michael Moote – Operus and Ty Christian – Lords of the Trident) – 5:29
3. The Plains of Silence – 4:42
4. Lux Et Veritas (feat. David Michael Moote – Operus) – 5:36
5. Beyond the Gates of Fury – 4:04
EP Length: 23:51

(CD Bonus Tracks)
6. The Plains of Silence (2020 Demo feat. Jesse Isadore)
7. Introitus (2016 Demo)
8. Secrets of the Maps (2016 Instrumental Demo)

EP Credits:
• All songs performed by: Vis Mystica
• All songs written by: Connor McCray
• Produced by: Chad Anderson
• Mixed by: Chad Anderson
• Mastered by: Chad Anderson
• EP Artwork by: Cody Bucher

EP Band Lineup:
Connor McCray – Guitar, Bass, Orchestration
Devin Dewyer – Vocals
Dillon Trollope – Drums

For more info:

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