BAD MANOR Release Cover of The Damned’s “Love Song”

Enigmatic black metal collaboration and member of the Ordo Vampyr Orientis collective BAD MANOR is now streaming their cover of “Love Song” by punk legends The Damned. The song originally appeared on the cassette edition of the band’s debut album The Haunting.

Limited to 93 copies (one of which was set on fire for reasons still unknown), the cassette edition of The Haunting featured alternate master and artwork with no credits other than the band name and album title. The entire tape was wrapped in foil, tied with twine, had a rusty house key attached, and then the entire thing was submerged in hot wax.

With the cassette sold out and forever out-of-print, Decibel Magazine is now giving fans a chance to hear BAD MANOR take on The Damned with a digital exclusive stream of “Love Song.” Check it out now at this location.

Labyrinth Tower will release the vinyl edition of The Haunting on January 28, 2023. This edition is being offered on heavyweight translucent pink/magenta marble and limited black vinyl, with an illustrated 16-page book of stories that accompany the twisted tales heard on The Haunting. Orders also come with a brushed bronze Ordo Vampyr Orientis insignia pin.

The Haunting transcends the traditional concept of “an album.” This is a multimedia, multisensory cerebral journey through madness. Pre-order your experience at

Stream The Haunting at

“A house, high on a hill, filled with a mystical air.”

Emerging from the burgeoning Ordo Vampyr Orientis circle, metal entity BAD MANOR‘s energetic and whimsical debut The Haunting weaves a series of dark tales surrounding the band’s titular mansion. Inhabited by dark spirits and curses alike, BAD MANOR’s vision of metal looks not to grim forests and minimal musical ideas but rather vivid, imagination-driven scenes, curious tales, and sinister, active musical ideas alike. Featuring a paired book illustrated by artist Landis Blair and with stories recounted by the mysterious author and medium Stephen R.C. Sicreeve, The Haunting’s multidisciplinary approach to metal–filled with secrets and hidden passages–is as sprawling and chaotic as the house itself. Lose yourself in its hallways, but don’t let yourself disappear. Listeners and readers alike: beware.

Each new homage becomes a portrait, each new portrait becomes our legend.

Track listing:

1) The Room with Six Hundred and Sixty-Six Eyes

2) The Study, Filled with Books

3) Through the Garden to The Graves

4) An Incident in The Nursery At The Witching Hour

5) Hallowed Ground

The Haunting is a collaborative effort between the following entities:

Seances conducted by:

Stephen R.C. Sicreeve – Professional Spirit Medium

Monsieur Malediction – Vessel Phantasmique

Documented by:

The Late Professor Rada S. Lazarescu

Further orchestrated by:

The Impaler

The Ghastly Vrykolak

The Haunted Strigoi

Phallus A. Blaze as The Skinner of Cats

Final dactylomantic rites performed by Lord Elzevir

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