Estonian progressive death metal band SURGENT released their debut album


Surgent has been able to make the music they’ve always wanted to make with this album – the band has pushed musical boundaries, resulting in a unique combination of compound time signatures and melodicity taking death metal to the next level.

It’s death metal, but with its strange, sometimes very eclectic swings with influences from grunge, stoner, bossa, etc. – I don’t know any other band that sounds like us,” commented bassist Jüri Tarkpea.

Band members have previously collaborated with various legendary Estonian bands such as Recycle Bin, Horricane, Finish Me Off, Paean, Ocean Districts, Kaschalot, etc. However, with this project, they take it to another level by creating a totally unique soundscape – Surgent is a melodic, versatile and crushingly heavy progressive death metal band from Estonia that draws inspiration from different cultures and genres from bossa nova to grunge.

Surgent” means a powerful forward and upward movement by a crowd or natural force and this concept describes their music and ambitions perfectly. Their versatile sound combined with energetic live performances make them a force to be reckoned with.

The band has previously released two music videos from the album “Hollow Doctrine” and “Blood Offering” and two singles “Peak of Repression” and “Beast of Prey”.

Listen to the album here:

Surgent “Hollow Doctrine” video:

Surgent “Blood Offering” video:

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