HEIDENS HART RECORDS releases two albums by Pagan Black Metal act THEUDHO!!

In this day and age, Heidens Hart Records proudly presents
two new releases from the
Belgian Pagan Black Metal act THEUDHO!!

‘Voorbij de Nevelen des Tijds’ – brand new 2022 album on CD and MC
‘Cult of Wuotan’ – remix/remaster 2022 on digipack CD lim. 200

Essential pagan black metal for everyone into Ancient RitesForefather and Bathory. True pagan black metal seems to be long out of fashion but it was a big part of what Heidens Hart was built upon when I started at the end of the 90s. Theudho is Belgium’s longest running pagan black metal band alongside Ancient Rites and keeps doing what they do best: blackened pagan metal with top notch songwriting.

The anticipated sixth album from Theudho is here! Continuing in the tradition set by “De roep van het woud”, which was a huge progression in terms of songwriting. The tracks are very diverse but always with a focus on strong melodies, with plenty of aggressive, melancholic as well as monumentally epic and bombastic sounds. The sound is completed with well written guitar solos (a rare thing these days!) and atmospheric acoustic guitars. Theudho is easily among the best the country has to offer in the genre.
The fantastic art on front and back are custom paintings by Wesley Dewanckel, entirely made on request and per the vision of the band. Vinyl edition coming early 2023.

Theudho‘s third full-length was originally released in 2008 by Det Germanske Folket (Heimdalls Wacht, Angantyr, Orlog, etc). It was recorded with a full line-up but suffered from a sterile and polished sound with an especially clinical overproduced drum sound, which was not a drum machine but was mixed to sound as one. In 2022, the album was remixed by founding member J.S. for a much more organic sound. Where most modern remixes go for a flat sound, in our eyes this defeats the purpose of such a re-working. So Theudho have done the opposite. The new mix gives the album the human feel, the power, balance and dynamic range that it originally lacked.

Influenced by country mates Ancient Rites, especially the ‘Blasfemia Eternal‘ and ‘Fatherland‘ era, as well as Bathory and Falkenbach. Strong melodies, diverse music with big sound and room for occasional symphonic support, short acoustic folkish parts, as well as well performed heavy metal guitar solos.

The remix is re-released on deluxe digipack with 16 page booklet by Heidens Hart, together with the brand new album. The album was produced and manufactured from start to finish in the Benelux. Epic cover art by Kris Verwimp. Mastering by A.P.

Listen and order your copies here:

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