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Legendary Norwegian duo DØDSENGEL premieres the full stream of their forthcoming fifth album two weeks before its official release via Debemur Morti Productions. The long player takes the essence of Black Metal serious and dares to open an inimitable and unrivaled path into darkness.

The arrangement of the eleven sinister hymns follows a clear conceptual thought which unveils itself only in the interaction of music, lyrics, and visual representation. “Bab Al On” including the lyrics of all tracks can now be streamed on the label’s YouTube channel:

The visual aesthetics unveils further layers of this work of Art. M.A. comments on the cover artwork:

The artwork was done by the immensely talented Mitchell Nolte, who was given free reins and access to the music, the lyrics, and our thoughts. The front cover is a glorious rendition of Babalon the Great. Other parts of the artwork depict scenes from specific parts in the initiate’s journey, ones that connect deeply with Babalon in her role as initiator and iconoclast to the Men and Women of our aeon.

Kark narrates about the cavernous landscapes illustrated on the band photos:

Without being too specific, I can say that it is somewhat close to home. It was a place I got to visit as a child, and its memory stayed with me. Its sense of wonder and mystery was really what resonated with me, and this place popped into my thoughts when we were planning out the visual representation of the album. It felt like a perfect match!

Bab Al On” will be released on CD, vinyl and digitally including merchandising via Debemur Morti Productions on December 16th. Pre-orders for all items are possible via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Photo by Nicolai Karlsen.

Translating to “angel of death,” Norway’s DØDSENGEL has possessed a style of their own since day one. Refusing to conform to genre trends or conventions, they follow their own path. Dissonant, atonal chords and churning black metal riffs craft an undercurrent to a one of a kind vocal performance. Ghastly shrieks, bestial growls, desperate wails, and majestic opera chants sing the song of a devilish carnival, twisting and turning beyond definition. What cannot be defined cannot be contained, and the pairing of DØDSENGEL and Debemur Morti Productions assures nothing but a future of even further demented opuses to be brought to bear.

Five years after the first collaborative fruit, “Interequinox” (2017), was given birth, DØDSENGEL channel their energies into eleven Thelemic hymns. “Bab Al On” will be released on December 16th, 2022.

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