PAGAN RITES to release split album with VULCAN TYRANT on December 30th via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; Pre-orders are live now

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release the new split album between Sweden’s Satanic Black Metal beasts Pagan Rites and the Netherlands’ Black/Speed Metal Maniacs Vulcan Tyrant. This release is up now for pre-order and will be released December 30th on CD and Digital formats along with merch.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents an unholy alliance of Black/Thrash blasphemy! Pagan Rites make their long-awaited HPGD debut, showcasing two tracks of signature Satanic Black Metal madness. Formed way back in 1992, Pagan Rites are among the most sinister acts to have ever been exported from Sweden, and their material on this split is sure to please diehards and maniacs worldwide. Vulcan Tyrant returns to HPGD once again, unleashing two brand new tracks of infernal Blackened Speed/Thrash straight from the Netherlands. No one is safe from the primal hellfire that will slash through your speakers with raw punishment… fuck off and die posers!

For fans of Abigail, Bathory, Deströyer 666, Destruction, Morbid, Nifelheim, Poison, early Slayer, Toxic Holocaust, and Venom

Pre-order the CD at

Pre-order the digital album at

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Listen to the single “Pain Of The Flesh” by Pagan Rites at

Listen to the single “Vexed By A Wicked Nightmare” by Vulcan Tyrant at


1. Pagan Rites – Pain Of The Flesh

2. Pagan Rites – Sign Of The Horn

3. Vulcan Tyrant – Invocation Of The Lion-Headed Serpent

4. Vulcan Tyrant – Vexed By A Wicked Nightmare

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