US black metal band SARCOPTES deliver highly anticipated full length


Sarcoptes from the US have found a way to infuse thrash metal elements into their classic black metal template and even write epic songs that are over a dozen mins long. The songs keep pulsating and are full of variations. This is the highly anticipated follow up full length to their acclaimed previous EP. Two of the songs can be streamed on Bandcamp HERE, including a 13-min one. 


Sarcoptes (US) – Prayers To Oblivion (Black Metal)

Genre – Black Metal
Release Date – February 24th, 2023
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Emperor, Nifelheim, Daeva, Aura Noir, Destroyer 666, Immortal, Absu, Abbath, early Satyricon

After giving us a taste of what’s to come with their stunning EP in ‘Plague Hymns’, Sarcoptes bring us their highly awaited full length and it’s got everything they’ve promised and more. They’ve mastered the art of writing near 15-minute epic songs that are an immaculate blend of black and thrash metal laced with atmospheric bits for further emphasis and have alternated them with shorter ones on this album. Each of the songs follow an interconnected series of historical tragedies in chronological order and it’s brilliantly thought and expressed over here, from the events of World War I to the Vietnam war. It’s an intense, balanced and absorbing album that keeps you riveted because of the constantly changing patterns and structures and stands out in the style for doing their own thing. If you’re into fast, driven, thrash-influenced black metal with a flair for storytelling, you definitely need this in your collection. 

Line up –
Garrett Garvey – Vocals, Drums
Sean Zimmerman – Guitars, Bass and Keyboards

Artwork by Adam Burke

Track list –
1. The Trenches
2. Spanish Flu 
3. Dead Silence
4. Tet 
5. Massacre at My Lai 

Video Stream #1

Video Stream #2

Sarcoptes Bandcamp

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Sarcoptes Facebook

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