Post-Metal Meets Ambient Drone In THEY GRIEVE’s New Video “To Which I Bore Witness” Off Upcoming Album Out Feb 2023 via Silent Pendulum Records

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Darkness and despair await within the forthcoming album “To Which I Bore Witness” from Canada’s They Grieve. Each part of this release is very intentional and well thought out, from the music to the artwork, to the liner notes, and is intended to be listened to as a whole. The band has just released the title track as a single and offers it to post-metal fans to sit with, to be surrounded by the album’s sadness, and find comfort and kinship within. They share the details about the track.

“Although this is the title track of our new album, it was one of the last songs we wrote. We had spent well over two years writing and re-writing nearly every other song on the album. At that point, we felt like we really started understanding what makes us sound like ‘us’, so this song came together seamlessly. Lyrically, we have always written one single piece to be split up and used for the entire album. “To Which I Bore Witness” is no different. The lyrics come directly from conversations we have as friends—more than a band, They Grieve is a space where we both can be vulnerable and open with each other about our experiences of grief, loss, and weakness in ways we simply can’t with other people.”

Watch and listen to the video for “To Which I Bore Witness” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

During the years that the duo of They Grieve spent writing this album, they had many conversations about succumbing to depression—about how the ugliness and trauma they see in the world sets itself to work inside of them as individuals, plants its roots, and decays from without to within. The band is Gary Thibert on guitars, bass, and vocals along with Deniz Güvenç on drums, synthesizers, piano, and vocals. They both contribute equally to the writing process to lean into their strengths. This record came together slowly, and through the process of writing and experimentation with the tone, harmony, and layers of effects, they narrowed their focus and found what really spoke to them.

Self-described as ‘post-metal meets ambient drone’, they are recommended for fans of Cult of Luna, Bell Witch, and Thou. The album was produced by Topon Das (F*ck The Facts) at Apartment 2 Studio along with mastering done by Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above and additional tracks recorded by Alex Jakimczuk at Uppercut Studios. The Album artwork was done by Pascale Arpin.

It can now be pre-ordered with a release date of February 24, 2023, via Silent Pendulum Records.

Album teaser –

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THEY GRIEVE_cover221129

Track Listing:
1. Wither (7:12)
2. Under the Weight (7:23)
3. If Light Should Appear (7:00)
4. To Which I Bore Witness (6:43)
5. Guided (3:18)
6. Weakness (8:01)
Album Length: 39:40

Album Band Lineup:
Gary Thibert: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Deniz Güvenç: Drums, Synthesizers, Piano, Vocals

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Deniz Guvenc & Gary Thibert
• All songs written by: Deniz Guvenc & Gary Thibert
• Produced by: Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios
• Mixed by: Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios
• Mastered by: Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above
• Album Artwork by: Pascale Arpin
• Additional tracks recorded by Alex Jakimczuk at Uppercut Studios

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