ИORAM – “Leviatano” is officially out


Available on all digital platforms from December 9Leviathan“, the new single of the Neapolitan heavy-metal band ИORAM. Produced by Sebastiano Di Martino, SDM Recording Studio, artwork and graphics by Giancarlo Candela that take up a detail of the “Last Judgment” by Giacomo Rossignolo (1524-1604 Madonna dei Boschi, Boves, CN, Italy).

As the band has already accustomed us to, the lyrics are strictly in Italian, inspired by the songwriting, quite unusual, given the reference musical genre, and once again, as already for the previous single “Lemming”, the title and the lyrics are a clear reference to the historical moment we are living.

In addition to the title, in fact, the subtitle of the song is a famous phrase by Virgil in the Aeneid “Nulla salus bello: pacem, te poscimus omnes” or “There is no salvation in war: o peace, we all invoke you”.

The title is, however, a clear reference, not only to the great monster of which the Bible speaks several times, but to the political state as defined in the famous work of 1651 by Thomas Hobbes: to signify the character of a mortal god who dominates the human behaviors and everything decides for them.

Hobbes compares his conception of the political model, which must be able to govern men and prevent them from destroying each other, to this monster.

As ИORAM sing “… It’s a narrow road – Which ends in a ravine – You can only sit on the ground – And wait patiently for the end to come…”. A single always with an oldschool imprint, revisited in a modern key, with drum blast beats and black guitar riffs.

Like Hobbes, Wild but free individuals who unite, choose a leader, surrender their lives to this monster who feeds on rights, who promises you security but placing you under a guillotine that can fall at any moment. Wasn’t it better to stay wild?

ИORAM are a band born in 2018 in Naples by Alfredo Juliano (lead guitar) and Marco Maresca (drums), composed by Victor Rodriguez (vocals) Lorenzo Massa (bass) and Pasquale Fedele (rhythm guitar).

They already have an EP “Antropocene” to their credit, produced by Wanikiya Record, consisting of five songs, released in November 2020, with clear old school metal and hardcore influences, combined with the tradition of songwriting in Italian, enjoying success not in Italy but also abroad with excellent reviews in the media and sector publications.

In May 2022 they released the single “Lemming”, which was presented with a series of live evenings both in Rome and Naples.




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