DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE set release date for new CRYPTORIUM9 album, reveal first track


On February 17th, 2023, Cryptorium9 is proud to present Dead Soul Alliance‘s highly anticipated second album, Spiralling to Lunacy.

Hailing from Canada, Dead Soul Alliance was begun in summer 2010 by founding member Wolven Deadsoul to explore brutal, old-school death metal of the ‘90s from both American and European soils. Lyrically, the band’s focus has been to explore the horrors of the human mind and the questionable obscurities of life itself. Thus girded, Dead Soul Alliance would release a demo and two EPs – 2013’s Proud to Die and 2017’s Slaves to the Apocalypse – over the next number of years. In 2020, Wolven Deadsoul found new drummer E.H. and would release the digital single “Behold Forever Darkness” as a precursor to the band’s long-awaited debut album, Behind the Scenes. At long last released during September 2021, Behind the Scenes indeed showed what was brewing with Dead Soul Alliance: here, a classy-yet-crushing style of death metal with strong roots in classic Grave, Benediction, Asphyx, and Unleashed.

And yet, the best was yet to come: Dead Soul Alliance‘s second album, Spiralling to Lunacy. As suggested by its title, the duo’s sophomore full-length is an altogether more aggressive and urgent spin, inciting maniacal states of mind as the body is summarily crushed by the band’s onslaught of sound. While the album begins with ominous tones, a proud ‘n’ powerful tank-tread of doom, what happens between those moments – hammering hypnosis, ripping corpses, world-eating wildness – is the next step of evolution in Dead Soul Alliance‘s by-now-characteristic sound. Much as the aforementioned masters managed to ever-so-slightly push their sound with each record whilst maintaining stellar standards of quality – and, of course, a dependable and clear-cut identity – so, too, do Dead Soul Alliance here on Spiralling to Lunacy. If there’s one significant factor separating their two albums, it’s that Spiralling to Lunacy moves at a palpitating pace, but never at the expense of songwriting; each riff flows into the next, each movement where it needs to be, and intensity is always maintained no matter the tempo…and to be sure, there’s still plenty of downtempo CRUSH to be found here.

Totaling nine songs across 32 minutes and yet another plausibly polished production, Spiralling to Lunacy is a swift assertion of Dead Soul Alliance‘s mastery of death metal classicism. Never cloyingly “retro” or “old school,” this is simply DEATH METAL the way it must be done!

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “Products of Pain” HERE at Dead Soul Alliance‘s Bandcamp. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Dead Soul Alliance’s Spiralling to Lunacy
1. Within The Darkness
2. The Demons That Be
3. Spiralling To Lunacy
4. Condemnation Through Fear
5. Silencing The Masses
6. Products Of Pain
7. New Normal Nihilist
8. Freedom Of Death
9. False Reconciliation


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