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Five and a half years after the epochal “Interequinox“, DØDSENGEL unveil their fifth work of Art. “Bab Al On” features eleven extravagant and mesmerzing Black Metal tracks, opening the doors for the listener to explore the mysteries of the goddess Babalon the Great. While remaining firmly rooted in the sinister traditions of the genre, the Norwegian duo elude arbitrary artistic borders and follow their own path.

In an interview with Metalegion mag, Kark narrates about the musical essence of the new album:

Bach and Mozart are ‘new’ sources of inspiration this time around. Both musickally and in sense of compositional techniques. The ambient passages have certainly gotten even darker and denser yet retaining a sort of graspable structure to them. As always, we want each and every song to have its own identity and signature, with every song telling an important part of the story, in its carefully chosen position in the story. This is very important to us. Instrumentally speaking, the album is in many ways a more ‘stripped’ one, in the sense that it does not contain a lot of elements besides guitar, bass drums and vocals. This time around however, I chose to use both nylon and steel string acoustic guitar for certain parts, to add a new colour to our musickal palette. A certain bowed instrument is also more pronounced than it has been earlier.

Bab Al On” is officially released via Debemur Morti Productions and may be streamed in full on the label’s Youtube channel or via Bandcamp:

Bab Al On” continuously receives high praise from mainstream as well as underground press:

[…] there’s no question that it remains as captivating, compelling, and challenging as the band have always been throughout. And, in my opinion at least, it’s high time these particular devils received their due.” (No Clean Singing)”This sounds and feels like a canvas being painted depicting vile atrocities right in front of you. Fleshing out the diabolical story for you to bear witness. It flourishes in your discomfort and will stick with you for days. Give this a few spins and let it really creep in, it’s a payoff well worth it.” (Metal Epidemic)”What a fantastic album – mystical & authentic Art.” (9/10 points) (Deaf Forever)

DØDSENGEL‘s latest offering is available on CD, vinyl and digitally. Orders are possible via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Photo by Nicolai Karlsen.

Translating to “angel of death,” Norway’s DØDSENGEL has possessed a style of their own since day one. Refusing to conform to genre trends or conventions, they follow their own path. Dissonant, atonal chords and churning black metal riffs craft an undercurrent to a one of a kind vocal performance. Ghastly shrieks, bestial growls, desperate wails, and majestic opera chants sing the song of a devilish carnival, twisting and turning beyond definition. What cannot be defined cannot be contained, and the pairing of DØDSENGEL and Debemur Morti Productions assures nothing but a future of even further demented opuses to be brought to bear.

Five years after the first collaborative fruit, “Interequinox” (2017), was given birth, DØDSENGEL channel their energies into eleven Thelemic hymns. “Bab Al On” is released on December 16th, 2022.

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