CARNIFIED shares new experience with video for “In Darkness…”

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Brazilian veteran death metal Carnified recently released the “Carnage For The Gods” EP across all digital platforms. It is the follow-up to “Nocturna” single (2021), which marked the group’s return after a hiatus of about 15 years.

The trio formed by Dan Loureiro (vocals, bass), Marcos Franco (guitars) and Vicente Azevêdo (drums) is now sharing a new EP experience through the lyric video produced for “In Darkness…“. It was created by Andrey Drake Silveira, the artist responsible for facing the challenge of presenting the group’s lyrics about ritualistic and dark scenarios, and also taking the listener to Askardem, the universe created by Carnified.

The lyric video for ‘In Darkness’ is the first of a series of initiatives by Carnified to give our fans access to the lyrics and the rich universe of Askardem“, explained guitarist Marcos Franco. He added, “Our lyrics are connected and tell a story. We want people to experience our songs not just for the sound, but also to discover the next episode in this intriguing story.

Andrey commented on the production of the video: “When Marcos approached me to produce a lyric video, I didn’t know the depth and grandeur of Carnified’s work. Me, Marcos and Vicente started to develop the artistic concept based on previous works The photography used in the other works, retro style, enchanted me, in addition to combining perfectly with the development of the story, another thing that got my attention at first. I realized that I could not develop something basic, with the rich narrative, the universe itself, I dedicated myself to delivering something worthy of this masterpiece.

The sound was something else that left me speechless. It’s aggressive, heavy, dense, melancholic, reinforcing the narrative, putting you in the middle of events, but in the choruses, we get emotional, striking melodies amidst the chaos of events, bringing softness amid the heavy sound, everything very balanced, resulting in a nice and balanced music, making us repeat each track.

Watch the lyric video for “In Darkness…” HERE.

Carnified – “In Darkness…”

Check out the track list and cover art for “Carnage For The Gods” EP below.

(Artwork: Marcos Franco)

1. In Darkness…
2. Our Own Blood

Carnified is one of the veteran forces from Brazilian extreme metal scene. Formed in 1994 by Alex Oliveira (vocals), Eduardo Araújo (bass), Leonardo Pinheiro (guitars) and Vicente Azevêdo (drums), the group released its first demo, “Putrid Development“, in 1994. In 1996 the group’s music changed, influenced by the British death/doom metal acts, which resulted in their second demo, “The Carnification“. In 1998 their line-up also expanded, becoming a sextet, with which they recorded their first EP, “O Primeiro Elo“. With lyrics that tell stories of a world inhabited by gods who envy the human form, they released in 2001 “Where The Gods Bleed“, their debut album.

In 2005, the group went into a hiatus that ended only in 2020. “We wouldn’t go back if it weren’t for something with real meaning,” explained the drummer Vicente Azevêdo. After working on the re-release of their old work, the band, which is now a power trio formed by Dan Loureiro (vocals, bass), Marcos Franco (guitar) and Vicente Azevêdo (drums), released “Nocturna“, a single with the goal of going back to their essence, and which featured the guest vocals of Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of FilthTherionHecate Enthroned).

The end of 2022 sees Carnified starting a new chapter with a trip to the universe of Askardem through the release of “Carnage For The Gods” EP, an effort that mix the brutality of death metal with the beautiful melodies and dark riffs of black metal.Line-up:
– Dan Loureiro (vocals, bass)
– Marcos Franco (guitars)
– Vicente Azevêdo (drums)

– Putrid Development” – Demo (1994)
– The Carnification” – Demo (1996)
– O Primeiro Elo” – EP (1998)
– Where the Gods Bleed” – (2001)
– Prelude to Askarden” – Compilation (2021)
– Nocturna” – Single (2021)
 “Carnage For The Gods” – EP (2022)

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