DEAD WILL WALK – Dutch death metallers to release new “A New Day of Dawning” EP

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Dutch death metallers DEAD WILL WALK are ready to present their brand new EP “A New Day of Dawning”. The band offers brooding and furious but always catchy old school death metal with sinuous melodies.

The coming EP is set to be released on the 27th of January 2023 via Dawnbreed Records, serving as the proverbial crown to the band’s ten-year career.

Stream the first single “Concrete Wombs” HERE.


01. Raise the Horde
02. Nightscreams
03. Concrete Wombs
04. From Moving Grounds
05. Day of Dawning
06. Headstone Tales


In the deepest and darkest corners of the very crypts that made death metal the powerhouse of undeath and shattered bone that it always has been, there has never been a better time to find yourself lost in its halls. Legions upon legions of new acts are constantly spawning in that madness to bring us new glory the like of which is naught but utterly gripping with bands like DEAD WILL WALK all but the perfect vessels for such chaos with albums like “A New Day of Dawning” all but works of art for the genre.

Overflowing with self-awareness, horrifying talent that’s exuded out of every minute of these six tracks, and a ferocious listen that wouldn’t stop for the very ending of the world, it’s clear that DEAD WILL WALK has put their best foot forward. This is what it means to make uncompromising death metal with such efficiency that can’t be seen as anything less than powerful with each second of this massive creation a conquest upon life itself that simply cannot be denied.

On the same day, Cavernous Records (
will release the compilation “As the Bowel Withers”, which will  also include the “A New Day of Dawning” EP.

For fans of: Entombed, Autopsy, Necrophagia, Death Breath

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