Sludge/doom band 71TONMAN all set to crush listeners with their full length album


71TonMan gift us one of the heaviest records in the style. This is asphyxiating, dark and grimy sludge/doom metal that you never knew you needed at this point in your life. It’s the perfect record to end a difficult, cumbersome year. Listen to two of their monolithic tracks on Bandcamp HERE, where you’ll find merch, even denim, in two colours with the other one being charcoal grey.


71TonMan (Poland) – Of End Times (Sludge​/​Doom Metal)

Genre – Sludge​/​Doom Metal
Release Date – 
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Morbid Evils, Warcrab, Conan, Primitive Man, Grief, Coffins

Towering sludge/doom giants 71TonMan follow up last year’s EP with a monumentally heavy, gravity-altering album that adds immeasurable weight and finality to your life. Packing on several more tons of catastrophic heaviness, they trudge across the ever-flattening landscape for extended periods of time with exceptional focus and control, even breaking into a slight run when least expected or indulging in a rampage mode when things seem to be getting too pent up. The songs are masterfully composed, each one averaging around 10 minutes with them all having their own character and progression. The marching never stops; 71TonMan keep pushing ahead with all their might and showcase more attributes as they advance. The album draws you in as you listen to it intently and with patience, by now numb to the steady head-smashing, revealing apocalyptic undertones and an atmosphere of inevitable death. It doesn’t take long for the fact to dawn upon you that while distracting you with their boundless girth, they’ve managed to keep you transfixed, the segueing songs putting you in an intractable hold, and now the perfectly timed album is coming to an end, and so is your life. 

Line up –
KK – Vocals & noise
TG&MZ – Guitars
JW – Bass
JJ – Drums

Artwork by CVSPE

Track list –
1. Conquest
2. Plague
3. War 
4. Famine

Official Video Stream #1

Official Video Stream #2

71TonMan Bandcamp

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