GRYMMSTALT stream SIGNAL REX debut at Transmissions From the Dark – features members of WAMPYRIC RITES, RÜNDGARD, WINTERSTORM, DUNGEON STEEL+++


Today, Chilean/Ecuadorian black metal duo Grymmstalt stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Anthems of Mournful Despondency, at the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel. Set for international release on December 21st via Signal Rex on CD format – the vinyl and tape versions will follow in March 2023 – hear Grymmstalt‘s Anthems of Mournful Despondency in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Grymmstalt is a new cross-continental project between two of black metal’s busiest men: Wampyric Strigoi (Wampyric RitesDungeon SteelAurae Lunaeet. al.) and Lord Valtgryftåke (Ründgard, Pyreficativm, Gryftigæn, 13th Temple, Mánþiel et. al.). While both also helm WinterstormGrymmstalt foregoes that band’s more medieval ruminations toward the trance-inducing melancholy of Burzum circa Filosofem – or perhaps more concretely, grim disciples like early Forgotten Woods, I Shalt Become, and Wigrid. Their first recording under this banner, Athems of Mournful Despondency is accurately titled: five time-expanding/halting tracks across 45 haunting minutes, shimmering with a strangely full rawness that only heightens (or deepens) the despairing abyss you’ll be inexorably drawn toward.

As Lord Valtgryftåke explains, “Empirically speaking, each of the manifestos on this album recreates step by step the States in which an entity…the being…is possible to experience. It is possible to use pain as a vehicle of initiation to a totally different parameter, far beyond from the veil of earthly misery, far beyond the simple fact of absorbing the pain and these stabbing sensations and channeling a superior construction of the intellect towards various internal parameters of the Temple. Thus, this piece of music would intrinsically correspond to a spiritual nigredo.”

In the leadup to its CD release tomorrow, hear Anthems of Mournful Despondency in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel. Preorder info can be found HERE at Signal Rex‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Grymmstalt’s Anthems of Mournful Despodency
1. Seelenangst [7:09]
2. Wehmut [9:25]
3. Nachsinnen [12:14]
4. Nachgiebigkeit [9:38]
5 Schmerzan [6:26]

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