MARTIRIA Releases Lyric Video For ‘Burn, baby burn’


The mighty epic metal band MARTIRIA have released a new lyrics video for the song “Burn, baby burn” from their upcoming album “Timeless”, out February 17th on ScreamLoud Records

Timeless is a collection of the best hits from this great band, remixed, remastered, and on some songs, resung and replayed.
As one of the best examples of epic music, you can listen to it guided by the legendary Warlord singer Rick Anderson (AKA Damien King III), Andy Menario on guitar, Derek Maniscalco on bass, Marco Capelli as a lyricist and “monster of drums” Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio).).

Pre-orders for the special deluxe pack of the new album are open until the end of the year. There are only 50 numbered and signed copies available.

“We’re so excited to release an album featuring music by the legendary Martiria. There will be a memorable moment for epic metal fans, we’re sure.

Andy Menario (guitarist): We’re super excited about the upcoming release. There is a new light in every song on this album. Really hope our fans are happy with it.”

For fans of Warlord, Black Sabbath, Candlemass…


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