Tolkien Inspired Progressive Rock Orchestra AINUR New Music Video “Forging Of The Rings” 


Rockshots Records and prog rock orchestra Ainur have joined forces again to release today, on Tolkien‘s birthday, the brand new single and video “Forging of the Rings“.

Ainur started thinking about this song after Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” announcement. They were excited that the series would take us back to Middle-Earth again, but at the same time they realized that they had never produced a song about “The Lord of the Rings“.
For that reason Luca Catalano, one of the founders and main composers of the band, started to write about the music, and in only two hours the entire song was made. 

This is a big evolution in Ainur history” comments Catalano, “since it’s the first time in almost 17 years that we talk about “The Lord of the Rings” topics. In fact we always dealt with The Silmarillion subjects and only one time with The Hobbit ones”.

Ainur keep carrying on their music inspired by Tolkien’s works with this new single released by Rockshots Records,and they are already working on a new album that will be closely following the way that they started with “War of the Jewels (Wars of Beleriand – Part 1)”.

Watch and listen to “Forging of the Rings“:


The single was mixed by Massimiliano Flak at Evolution Studios and mastered by Brett-Caldas Lima at Tower Studios. 

Ainur is:
Luca Catalano – Composer, Guitars, Vocals
Marco Catalano – Composer, Drums, Vocals
Alex Armuschio – Composer, Keys, Lead Vocals
Max Clara – Lead Vocals
Roberta Malerba – Lead Vocals
Elena Richetta – Lead Vocals
Giuseppe Ferrante – Bass, Contrabass
Luca Marangoni – Violin
Carlo Perillo – Viola
Daniela Lorusso – Cello
Cristiano Blasi – Flutes
Chiara Marangoni – Horns
Wilma Collo – Lyrics

2006 – From Ancient Times
2007 – Children of Hurin
2009 – Lay of Leithian
2012 – Progressive Rock Night (DVD)
2013 – The Lost Tales
2014 – There and Back Again (single)
2019 – Fall of Gondolin (single)
2020 – Shadow from the East (single)
2021 – War of the Jewels

For more info:

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