DUSK tease upcoming album with new single ‘LETHAL PERSPECTIVES


LETHAL PERSPECTIVES’ is the first single from one man outfit DUSK. Featuring death metal vocalist Aaron Harris (Solemn Vision), the single is both an engaging and unique experience, showcasing the ideas and themes from the upcoming full length ‘Spectrums,’ due out February 17th.

The first half of the album will be more aggressive and guitar oriented while the second half will focus on a new sound, infusing a more EDM sound while still keeping the same aggression level. DUSK states, “… the main idea is giving the music relatable stories so that the average listener feels the connection and emotional journey…to make something all people from different aspects of life can relate to”.

A musician in the local Saudi scene, DUSK is a one man band who, for nearly a decade, has worked across various genres, from metal and rock to jazz and EDM. Since 2020, DUSK has been releasing projects in a multitude of metal subgenres, such as progressive metal, metalcore, and djent. DUSK has previously released two EPs, “To Where I Belong’ (2021) and ‘Ascension’ (2020).

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