MALICE DIVINE Assertive Black Metal Comes To The Front With Title Track Off “Everlasting Ascendancy” Out Jan 2023


Driven by a passion for dark, brutal music and the desire to have full creative control, Toronto’s Ric Galvez created his one-man project Malice Divine. He released a self-titled full-length in 2021 and now with the full intention of starting to play live in 2023, the album “Everlasting Ascendancy” is being unveiled. The title track from this release summarizes everything that Malice Divine is about. It has uplifting lyrics, fast tremolo-picked sections, groovy and heavy riffs, epic melodies and solos, and a classical guitar piece that concludes the song. Galvez comments:

“I am very excited to have the title track of the new album “Everlasting Ascendancy” as the second single. This song has some of my most adventurous guitar work to date. It changes riffs frequently and has 5 guitar solos, which is the highest number of solos that I’ve had in one song as of right now. Lyrically the song is also quite personal to me. Essentially the message of the song is that no matter what life throws at me or what I end up going through, I will always come out on top.”

Galvez knew immediately that this track would be the one to finish the album and it is in good company with the other seven tracks, which include fast-paced ragers that will incite mosh pits, to mid-tempo groovy tracks. There are ferocious guitar solos juxtaposed against exceptional classical guitar work. Lyrical themes range from paranormal phenomena to personal growth. It’s a well-rounded offering, with enough diversity to not get stale and enough cohesion to be listened to from front to back without breaking immersion.

The album is a dynamic experience with its blend of different influences that aren’t found in many other bands; powerful and assertive it is recommended for fans of Watain, Thulcandra, and Dissection.

The album title track “Everlasting Ascendancy” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

“Everlasting Ascendancy” will be released on January 27, 2023.

Album Trailer –

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Playthrough Video – “Silenced Judgement” –


Track Listing:
1. Silenced Judgement (4:10)
2. Apparitions Of Conquest (8:22)
3. Usurping The Paragon (6:07)
4. At One With Infinity (6:06)
5. Parasitic Demons (5:39)
6. Reclaimed Strength (5:31)
7. Illusions Of Fragmentation (8:39)
8. Everlasting Ascendancy (8:10)
Album Length: 52:44

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Malice Divine
• All songs written by: Ric Galvez
• Produced by: Tyler Williams
• Mixed by: Tyler Williams
• Mastered by: Jamie King
• Album Artwork by: Eka Saputra (Psychopart)
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Band Lineup:
Ric Galvez – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Dylan Gowan – Drums (Session)

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