WINDS OF TRAGEDY to release haunting new album Hating Life through Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions

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The restless, tormented creativity of Sergio González Catalán is never silent. 2022 brought us two albums of majestic melancholy from his atmospheric doom/death project Rise To The Sky and an album and an EP of soul-searing depressive black metal from Winds Of Tragedy. With 2023 still crawling from the ashes of its predecessor Sergio is back to drown any futile notions of hope at birth. The most vehement and agonised outpouring of desperate grief to howl forth from the bleeding lips of Winds Of Tragedy, Hating Life is an album to drag the rising sun back below the horizon.

As the days, weeks, months and years pass the black flames of Sergio’s personal mourning seem to burn ever more fiercely. The passing of time brings no relief from pain and his rage and despair at this injustice have been channelled into the fearsome sounds of Hating Life. This album is a stark statement of enduring loss, a viciously intense assault on the emotions – ugly in its agony, beautiful in its honesty. A ragged grandeur, a grey nobility stands astride a raging, uncontrollable torrent of black metal fury. From the caustic ‘Living A Lie’, through the melancholic madness of ‘I Choose To Die’ to the heart shattering conclusion of ‘Remember We Died’, Hating Life is the epitome of atmospheric, depressive black metal at its raw, tear-streaked, bloody best.

With a production, mix and master that grasps the essential heart of the music, courtesy of Filippos Koliopanos (Ocean Of GriefRise To The Sky), emotionally charged and powerful drumming courtesy of Emidio Alexandre and bleakly brilliant cover photography from Tatiana Lebedeva, Hating Life is complete in every sense; the perfect representation of the perfect hell of loss. Released on February 17th through Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions, Hating Life will cast long, cold shadows over the months to come; this year is doomed before it even begins…

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