THE SILENCE BETWEEN US – “Your Absence” is officially out

The Silence Between Us is a deathcore band from Padua (IT), that finds its peculiarity in mixing a heavy impact with melodic tendencies, merging them in a really personal style.

In 2015 they released Miasmatic Dream (Scarlet Letter Productions) including the singles Written In The Sand e Unable To Escape, followed by the single Rottenness in 2016. Hitting both Italian and European venues, The Silence Between Us shared the stage with some of the most influential modern metal bands (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Fit For An Autopsy, Aversions Crown, Black Tongue, Within Destruction, Oceans Ate Alaska, Our Hollow Our Home, Loathe, I Set My Friends On Fire, Hour of Penance).


The single “Your Absence” deals with a subject that unfortunately resonates with too many people every year: suicide.

The track stands from the perspective of the ones left behind, the ones who deal with the loss of a friend, a family member, or a loved one who chooses such an extreme and definitive act. However, along with the sense of helplessness, the sadness and the remorse that the band itself experienced, they also felt the urge to highlight a strong message of hope. Everyone must know and remember that we can choose a different path and that is asking for help.

The song is aligned to the subject matter also in terms of sound, with a very low guitar and bass tune which becomes the foundation upon which the blast beats can create restlessness and ferment. The alternation of growls and scream but even more poignant broken voices add nuances to the emotional aspect which is fully completed by Chiara’s touching and intense clean vocals.

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