UK doomlords ELDERSEER release their momentous debut album, Drown In The Shallowness, through Meuse Music Records


On the banks of the serene, silver river and in the shadow of the gnarled and knotted oaks that have borne witness to the passing of centuries. Below the broiling, tumbling clouds that race at the cold wind’s behest across the heavens and on the worn steps of stone that jut from the buttress cliffs, overhanging the assailing seas far below. Wherever my feet touch the earth I feel the threads of life that run back through eternity, connecting my soul to the beginning, binding my heart to the fox, the eagle, the raven and the mouse – every flickering candle of life that burns upon this island with me. They lift my ailing spirit in their claws, hold my head above the waters of grief that seek to drown me…

Since their story began in 2017 England’s Elderseer have infused their momentous, melodic doom metal with a deep rooted love for the natural world and a spiritual connection to ancient pagan beliefs. Their hearts lie far from the tumult and chaos, the greed and blind self-obsession of human society and their music is inspired by the empty spaces where wild nature clings with fading strength to a once beautiful world. Drown In The Shallowness is the band’s debut full-length album, which combines the four outstanding songs from their limited edition 2018 EP, Bind Us As One, with four brand new pieces of epic, majestic melancholy. The songs are bound together seamlessly, united in their atmosphere of sorrow and otherness. Elderseer are a band that stands apart and their songs call out to kindred spirits, offering a path to connections that run deeper than most will ever understand. From the soaring solitude of ‘Gilded Shackles’ to the measured thunder of ‘She Is The Ocean’, the beautiful, searching melodies of ‘This Aesthetic Life’ to the deeply wounded ‘The World Is Your Cloister’, each perfectly, passionately crafted track on Drown In The Shallowness offers up moments of true magic. A creation of substance and value in a world of transience, this is an album that ignites the imagination and offers solace to the aching heart. Now featuring the superlative guitar talents of current Thunderstick and ex-Pagan Altar guitarist Vinny Konrad, Elderseer are ready for the next chapter in their story to begin.


Drown In The Shallowness will be released by renowned Belgian label Meuse Music Records – home to the likes of EvadneHellightOphisSomnent and Rise To The Sky – on February 3rd, complete with evocative cover artwork created by photographer John Cartwright. Be ready to embrace this towering edifice of strength and separation, this cairn of remembrance built of weathered stone. Elderseer stand watch through the setting of the sun, the starlit night and the breaking dawn – bearing witness to all that is lost – and the sights and sounds of their vigil are captured in their songs.

Meuse Music have released a first single from Drown In The Shallowness – the magnificent ‘This Aesthetic Life’ – which can be found now at the Meuse Music bandcamp page

Barry Copestake – Vocals/Guitars
Vinny Konrad – Lead Guitars
Freddie French – Bass
Darren Huckfield – Drums

Genre: Gothic Doom Metal
For fans of: Amorphis | Woods Of Ypres | Anathema | Paradise Lost

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