Indonesian masters of death DEPRAVED MURDER unleash new album Unethical Terrestrial Collapse through Comatose Music


Rising once more from the bubbling toxic poison pit of the Indonesian brutal death metal scene, East Java’s Depraved Murder have returned with another onslaught of putridity and pestilence. Nine new apocryphal hymns, dire portents of imminent destruction underscored by skin flaying blasts and riffs to tear apart the fabric of existence – on March 10th the world faces Unethical Terrestrial Collapse!

Nearly four years since Depraved Murder subjected us to the haunting horrors of Manifestation, the time has come to peer again into the sickening, morality mauling inferno that only this band can create. With Unethical Terrestrial Collapse, Depraved Murder have carved out a sanity shredding sepulchre of flesh; wickedly inventive beyond the blunt force trauma of Manifestation. The guitars twist and thrash in crippling contortions, summoning a pall of darkness only to tear through the gathered shadows with solos like bloody scythes. The drums rampage through an array of punishing tempos, thundering at speeds beyond comprehension then dragging the listener down into a choking swamp of gore, while above it all a voice of demons roars of pain and subjugation, of torture unimaginable and the end of the fucking world. With tracks like ‘The Pinnacle Of Vile Conceit’, ‘Relentless Brutality’ and ‘False Adoration’ Depraved Murder have created a new intensity of soul shaking nightmares.

Mixed and mastered by Indra Braille (Anthropophagus DepravityDisintegrationGerogot etc) and adorned in the insane imagery of Aghy Purakusuma (Insect InsidePure WrathStillbirth etc) Unethical Terrestrial Collapse is the cacophonous accompaniment to every horror that 2023 has in store for our beleaguered planet. Marching once more beneath the banner of Comatose Music, Depraved Murder have returned to destroy!

Feel the diabolical force of Depraved Murder now at Slam Worldwide – where first single ‘The Anguish Of Dystopian’ is streaming now!

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